Nok Nok App SDK Support for iOS 9 and Android Marshmallow

[Press Release] – Nok Nok Labs, an innovator in modern authentication and a founding member of the FIDO Alliance, announced that it will ship support for both iOS 9 and Android Marshmallow platforms this month with its FIDO Certified™ Nok Nok™ App SDK. In May 2015, Nok Nok Labs announced its intention to integrate its solution with the Google Android M Developer Preview in October and is now delivering on that cross-platform commitment.

With this announcement, mobile product managers and developers responsible for deploying consumer facing applications can now benefit from a faster application development process that includes support for the latest versions of these two major platforms. Mobile developers using the Nok Nok solution can now lower development costs given the company’s support of heterogeneous operating systems and quickly integrate support for current and upcoming biometric authenticators.

Nok Nok Labs and the FIDOTM Universal Authentication Framework (UAF) standard supports multiple biometric authenticators including fingerprint, iris and other emerging authentication methods. When integrated into a mobile application running on Android M or iOS, the Nok Nok App SDK solution utilizes the FIDO UAF protocol to authenticate the user to the mobile app server infrastructure. This integration will deliver a superior user experience with stronger security on mobile devices running Android M and iOS.

With this announcement, we are delivering a solution to the market that enables organizations to integrate once, no matter the platform or device, and authenticate everywhere, said Phillip Dunkelberger, President & CEO, Nok Nok Labs. Our Nok Nok App SDK solution minimizes the need for passwords, enabling users to sign in quickly and easily. This approach avoids integrating with custom APIs for disparate platforms as well as mitigates the costs of maintaining fragmented authentication infrastructure.

The Nok Nok integration with Android M builds on Nok Nok’s pioneering work that provides FIDO UAF support for iOS, legacy Android devices and natively FIDO UAF-enabled devices. The Nok Nok solution enables organizations to develop once and deploy across a population of mixed devices and different operating systems.

The Nok Nok App SDK bridges the authentication needs of an organization’s applications and the security capabilities of users’ devices. Its unique plug-in design allows the Nok Nok App SDK to integrate with virtually any authentication method present on the device, giving organizations and users flexibility in choosing the most suitable method for each use case. The Nok Nok App SDK overcomes the unnecessary trade-off between security and usability, enabling organizations to deliver a superior user experience with robust, strong authentication. By making authentication more secure and usable, the Nok Nok App SDK facilitates user adoption of strong authentication and improves end-to-end security.

About Nok Nok Labs

Nok Nok Labs provides organizations with the ability to bring strong, FIDO-based authentication infrastructure to their mobile and web applications. The Nok Nok Labs S3 Authentication Suite enables organizations to accelerate revenues, reduce fraud, and strengthen security. Nok Nok Labs is a founding member of the FIDO Alliance with customers and partners that include NTT DOCOMO, PayPal, Alipay, Samsung and Lenovo. For more information, visit.