Non-Stop Proximity Marketing Upstarts, Are We Getting Better at it?

Proximity marketing can be effective at bus stops, sporting arenas and large events in general - all areas where beacons or even NFC (near field communication) tags could create multichannel campaigns. Many proximity marketing companies are providing add-on features which help in measuring advertising and promotion effectiveness and better understand the customer journey. In the case of proximity marketing, which was initially driven by SMS and WiFi, the transformation started with the introduction of NFC. Then, BLE technology gave a meaningful direction to proximity marketing.

And with the introduction of new technologies, proximity marketing has become much more than sending contextual messages to customers. Proximity platforms could also transform digital out-of-home, or even traditional billboard marketing. Companies like Shopkick, Estimote, Scanbuy, Swirl Network, Nomi, Sonic Notify, Roximity, Inmarket, Proxama and Blue Bite are already working with retailers and brands to increase the effectiveness of proximity marketing. Even Facebook has joined the proximity marketing bandwagon and is now testing out Bluetooth beacons. Many of these companies are providing Analytics as an add-on feature which helps in measuring advertising and promotion effectiveness to better understand the customer journey.

Pulsate is a recent startup in the ever-expanding arena of proximity marketing. Pulsate has already attracted the payments giant PayPal for funding. Pulsate recently finalized their $1.2 Million first round funding by high profile investors. PayPal, Inc. and dunnhumby Ventures have backed Pulsate to take a lead in the context marketing space.  The round was led by Delta Partners' Bank of Ireland seed fund and also included Enterprise Ireland.

Pulsate is an end-to-end context marketing platform for mobile that drives new revenue for brands by changing the way they interact with customers both inside their apps and within brick and mortar locations. Easily integrated with new or existing apps, Pulsate provides live audience segmentation alongside an intuitive campaign builder to deliver engaging customer experiences. App users are encouraged to reply, forming a direct dialogue between the brand and the customer. Pulsate utilizes in-app behaviors, geofences and beacons to trigger content delivery at the right place and time.

Patrick Leddy, Pulsate founder and CEO, said in an official press release:

“We are delighted to receive this $1.2m in funding from such high profile investors. We will use the funds to accelerate the development of our product and to increase our business in the US. We are already attracting a lot of customers in this space and with this support we look forward to becoming the industry leader in context marketing.”


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