Novatti: Enabling Value Added Financial Services, Mobile Commerce

Playing in the Software & Technical Consulting Industry, Novatti has catered to a global customer base of Tier 1 and smaller service providers and start-ups. It has been doing so for more than 18 years now by creating and delivering innovative mobile payment solutions. With its multi-service payments platform, Novatti enables Telco, Banking and alternative payment network service providers to extend their product portfolio. It also helps them take robust, integrated new payment services to the market faster and at economical costs.

Since 1996, Novatti has empowered its clients with flexible financial models such as pay-as-you-go, cloud delivery and revenue share arrangements, enabling them to convert their ideas into revenue streams without significant capital investment. The management team consists of Peter Cook as CEO, Alistair Swain as Director, Mark Maglaras as COO and Kim Beveridge as Chief Technology Officer.

Novatti builds competitive advantage for its customers by enabling them:

  • Take advantage of the rapidly expanding market of mobile and unbanked users.
  • Differentiating their services so as to acquire new customers.
  • Increase revenue opportunities from their existing client base.

Novatti’s multi-service payments platform supports the following applications:

  • International & domestic remittances
  • Rural & Remote banking
  • Bill payment
  • Mobile money
  • White-label digital wallets ready for your branding
  • Airtime distribution
  • e-Top-up, PIN-less Top-up, Mobile Top-up, international top-up
  • Electronic voucher (PIN) distribution
  • Prepaid debit & gift card distribution & activation

The main focus of the solutions provided by Novatti are Application Development & Network Switching.

NovattiConsult, Novatti’s professional services division, comprises of Enterprise IT Specialists who assist with client projects. It provides project teams, project sub-teams or particular resources in line with client-specific resourcing requirements.

The Novatti Payment System (NPS) is a platform enabling value added financial services, online transactions and mobile commerce. It encompasses a core transaction engine and application modules such as Electronic Value Distribution, consumer Digital Wallet and M-Commerce modules. Each module includes transaction flows and module specific business rules. Transactions can originate from PC’s, mobile devices, EFTPOS, POS terminals and ATM terminals. It can be integrated by Telco’s, Content Providers, Banks, Billers and Service Providers to provide customized payment and digital wallet services to end-customers either directly or through multi-tier distribution channels and retailers. It interfaces with third-party systems and financial institutions to construct a real m-commerce eco-system.

Novatti Payment systems are in operation at more than ten operators and banks in Asia, North America and Australia. Its revenue earnings range between $5 million - $10 million. Novatti ‘s client base includes - Ezipin Canada, Canada Post & Ezipin USA in North America, Cable & Wireless in South America, MTN & Sandulela Telecom in Africa, Hutchison Hong Kong & Hutchison Macau, Bank Rakyat Indonesia Syariah 7 Sure Global Remittance Service in Asia, Telstra & Optus in Australia and Vox telecom in Switzerland. Novatti has currently partnered with IBM, Estel, Indian Atlantic, Strikersoft, Prime creation, Demtech & Neural Technologies.

Novatti has recently been selected to be an Advanced IBM Business Partner, and has become a member of IBM’s Independent Software Vendor Program.