Now use PayPal on your Pebble Smartwatch as well

Paypal’s mobile payments app is now available for Pebble smartwatch as well. Pebble users can now check in to stores using the PayPal app. The app creates an auto-generated code for making payments wherever PayPal is accepted. This integration with Pebble is giving PayPal an opportunity to rival against Apple Pay which is soon expected to arrive on the iWatch as well, once it is launched.

The Pebble’s PayPal app automatically communicates with the merchant’s point of sale once a user checks into a store on the app itself. Apart from payments, Pebble users can receive notifications as well. PayPal is increasingly pushing its platform across multiple devices to gain higher share in the mobile payments market. The PayPal app is available for Android Wear devices as well like Samsung’s Gear 2, Gear S and Gear Fit.

Here is an illustration highlighting the app’s interface on Pebble:

The app uses your location to find nearby merchants who readily accept PayPal as payment method. The app can also display payment receipts as well once the transactions go through. PayPal is not the first company to have created a payments app for Pebble smartwatch. Beautiful Lab had created one earlier this year powered by LevelUp’s platform. Wallaby Financial Inc. had also introduced an app earlier this year that enables users to access their Wallaby wallet to determine the best payment card to use as per situations.

There has been a digital disruption causing a dramatic change in the function, purpose and design of payments channel in just over a decade. Wearable payments will be one of the ways customers do transactions. It is all about convenience and the speed of the transaction. There are a number of wearable devices being launched on a faster pace with those from big names like Apple, Google, Motorola and Samsung. With this scenario, companies like PayPal are trying their best to deliver payment services to whatever device you use.