Numbrs with $11.5 Mn Funding Helps you Manage your Finances

Numbrs was co-founded in September 2012 by Julien Arnold (CEO), Dennis Just (COO), and Johannes Huebner (CTO). The company is headquartered at Zurich, Switzerland and currently serves Germany area. It is backed by investor - Swiss company builder ‘Centralway’ and initially raised $7.7 Mn from the investor. Recently, Numbrs raised another round of funding of $3.8 million from ‘Centralway’ for its US launch. Currently, the company employs around 20 people. It`s app supports all the major banks (including HSBC, UBS, and Sparkasse) which are more than 3500.

Some features of their platform:

  • Bank accounts/transfers and notification features: Numbrs’s app helps customers to aggregate all of their accounts into one app. They can access their accounts from any location, pay their bills and conduct money transfers eliminating the inconvenience of entering complex bank account numbers and sort codes. It also allows them to receive notifications about salary, credit card bills, and direct debits made by their mobile providers direct to their smartphones.
  • Future Timeline and Categorization features: One of the distinctive feature which differentiates Numbrs from other banking and non-banking competitors is its planned advertising-based revenue model called ‘Future Timeline’. It helps customer to analyze their past spending behaviors and transactions to calculate their future income and expenses. This app provides an innovative algorithm which can categorize customer`s transactions for easy analysis of their finances.

'This app will be a breakthrough of a new kind of smart banking. Never before has it been so easy to manage personal finances across the world. Whether I want to know if I can afford a new car or need to make a transfer quickly while I'm on the go, Numbrs makes it all possible, said CEO Julien Arnold.

Some of the others operating in this space are Outbank (, ( and Intuit-owned Numbrs`s ambition is to make its presence across all countries and work with all banks of the world. After making its presence in Germany, company is planning to expand in Switzerland, UK, Singapore and Hong Kong. It is also planning to setup its office in London where the company’s UK country manager and other marketing personnel will be based. It is also planning to accelerate its U.S. launch as it has received strong interest from North America following its German`s launch.