Obtain Bitcoins Instantly via Virtual and Physical Prepaid Bitcoin Cards

The market leader in Prepaid Bitcoin cards and the pioneer behind the world’s first Bitcoin Rewards Program, Prepaid Bitcoin, has spent the last several months providing physical cards to happy customers around the world. People now use Prepaid Bitcoin cards to gift bitcoin to friends and family and as a tool to introduce cryptocurrencies to new users.

On 23rd June 2014, the company announced the launch of Virtual Prepaid Bitcoin cards, which are now available for sale internationally. Virtual Prepaid Bitcoin cards work the same way as physical Prepaid Bitcoin cards, but without the shipping delay, commented CEO, Josh Agho, in a press release. 'They get delivered right to your email address and you can use the bitcoin instantly,' he added.

Prepaid Bitcoin has created a channel for users to buy bitcoin using their comfortable interface and user-friendly payment options.

The company also states that it has one of the best exchange rates and delivers more BTC to users for their money.

Every bitcoin buyer tries their best to buy their BTC at the best exchange rate that they can find, states the release.

With Prepaid Bitcoin cards, users can now buy $50 worth of bitcoin and receive a virtual card within hours as opposed to a physical card within days.

Prepaid Bitcoin cards enable the user decide exactly when, and at what exchange rate the card should be redeemed for bitcoins.

Once the user activates their card, the user will be able to spend the BTC from their web wallet.

Users may also opt-to move their bitcoin to a personally secured location.

Prepaid Bitcoin provides people around the world with easy access to bitcoin. Virtual Prepaid BTC cards are the most recent innovation out of the company. They are empowering businesses and consumers around the world by offering their cards internationally. The Prepaid Bitcoin™ card makes it simple.