OmnyPay Introduces Contextual Commerce Platform That is Powering Kohl’s Pay

In today’s changing landscape, retailers realize the need to raise the bar in mobile app experiences. To stay competitive, retailers have to deliver their own branded app that provides better utility to their shoppers than Amazon. Using a great retailer app, a repeat customer should enjoy a personalized and contextual shopping experience, where the customer receives the most relevant information, offers and recommendations based on the type of products they want, the type of environments they are in, the personal preferences as well as past purchasing patters with the retailer.

One of the more interesting announcements at Money 2020 was from San Francisco-based OmnyPay. The company announced a contextual commerce platform that helps retailers digitally personalize the entire in-store customer shopping experience.

Today, shoppers should not be forced to fumble with paper clips, text messages or emails at the time of purchase to track down the offers they received from a retailer. Nor should they be forced to go to another online site to redeem loyalty points. All of this should happen digitally as part of the retailer mobile app pay experience -- at the time of checkout, resulting in more business and long-term loyalty for retailers from customers.

During a panel on frictionless payments in retail this morning at Money2 ...

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