OmnyPay Unveils Omni-Channel Mobile Payments Solution Aimed at Retailers

Company’s Integrated Mobile Loyalty, Rewards and Payment System Helps Large Retailers Drive Sales, Reduce Costs and Gain Control Over the Customer Experience

[Press Release] - OmnyPay, the retail-friendly mobile payment platform, today announced the first integrated mobile loyalty, rewards and payment system designed specifically for retailers. OmnyPay enters the mobile payments market with major competitive advantages: a clear focus on a long-standing retailer problem, a proven management team, and a first-of-its kind solution to solve the last inch of the mobile payments process.

Retailers have had a challenging relationship with credit and bank card companies, whose control over the mobile payment process has been costly to retailers - both in dollars and brand loyalty. The card companies collect handsome transaction fees on each retailer purchase. However, this also creates an intermedia ...

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