One click payments through Judo, faces highly competive market ahead

From the Bigwigs like Square, Paypal, Alipay, Intuit to startups and smaller players such as iZettle, BuyReply and ZooZ, more and more companies are venturing into the payments industry. Judo, established in May, 2012 by Dennis Jones (CEO) seeks to be the leading card payment provider for mobile commerce to companies across the UK.

The company was launched with an initial seed funding of $5 Mn by an undisclosed investor. JudoPay claims to deliver mobile payment solutions to thousand of businesses. JudoPay enables one click payments, maximizes transaction speed, offers integrated card payments for mobile apps and provides tools to build customizable mobile payment system for third parties. Businesses can sign up with Judo through their website directly or by consulting one of the 300+ certified sales representatives.

There are different plans available in accordance of the merchants need.

  • The £19.9 subscription offers £10,000 ($13,493) transactions per month and per transaction cost of £0.20 ($0.27) is deducted.

  • Regular subscription costs £39.99+0.20 while the Plus+ plan entails £89.99+0.20.

Merchants interested in transactions of more than £100,000 a month can also call the customer care and ask for a custom pricing. Failed transactions or chargeback claims kind of issues have been taken care of, claims the company. Further, to reduce typo errors the app remembers the details once entered or enrolled. Although this won’t ensure the sufficient balance in the customers’ card, it will make sure that there are no errors while they enter their details.

The integration with the merchants’ app is easy with Judo. The merchant has to write just one line of code to make their app complete. Tom Lahey, Director of IT, Payment Sense said, We built our MobilePay product using Judo platform. Judo’s easy to integrate technology, expertise and world class support allowed us to go from concept to market in 1/3 the time we had expected.

European players in the mobile payment space include Monitise, Droplet, Valid Soft, Paddle and startups like Ensygnia. With the Paddle app, user’s delivery and credit card details are stored securely and can be used within seconds without having to fill out forms or login with usernames and password. Purchases can be made through any browser, whether its on a laptop, mobile, tablet or even smart TV with the help of the app. Paddle does not require any change in business process for the retailers since its platform integrates with existing eCommerce sites. You can read Lets Talk Payments’ articles on Ensygnia and 4 other UK mobile payment startups to watch out for.

LTP View: Judo, as a startup has to do a lot of work in a competitive market. Fair cost of their product starting at 19.99 Euros per month and easy integration of mobile optimized card payments into IOS and Android apps is a good starter. This could also convince merchants into choosing Judo for their payment solutions.