One of Poland's Biggest & Most Innovative Banks Initiates 'Digital Banking & Finance' Precursory Studies Program

"Business2universities programmes are valuable part of growth strategies for the biggest companies all over the world. mBank joined this wave because we understand that in order to remain on the upswing it is necessary to have constant access to the best-educated and experienced people. And we have to think of our future today before valuable human resources bypass banking and transfer to other competitors. Moreover this programme could be as well greatly valued by students, since it brings the opportunity to gain experience via traineeship not only theory. Thanks to practitioners, support, innovative approach to teaching & dedicated traineeship programmes, students are able to identify business realities and thus develop skills which will lead them to professional success" – says Cezary Kocik, Board Member, Head of Retail Banking at mBank.

Digital banking and finance is a very first joint project of mBank from Poland and one of Polish Universities. The course Digital Banking and Finance is a three year’s bachelor programme. It’s a complex degree programme within a Faculty of Economics and Sociology at University of Łódź. Students can opt one of two specializations: Banking 3.0 or IT in Finance. Main subjects are: business finance, financial analysis, digital economy, financial markets and products, IT techniques, media workshop, data processing and algorithms.

What is Digital Banking and Finance programme and what is the idea based on?

Polish icon of mobility in banking - mBank together with consulting agency Accenture and the University of Lodz, implemented the first innovative financial studies programme in Poland. Digital Banking and Finance is a combination of economics and digital. It is a perfect example of how innovative financial institution undertakes activities aimed at developing its business by investing in human resources specialized in specific field. It appears to be a response for the changing world – mobile, modern and progressive that needs increasing level of education.

Within the next few days first 100 students start their education on Digital Banking and Finance programme in Lodz. The demand is visible – only 1 of 3 applicants got accepted. What encouraged youths most was an emphasis on practical attitude to teaching.

What are employers looking for nowadays?

The unique joint projects between banks and universities rely on cooperation between science and business. It is crucial nowadays, because employers indicate that they require well-educated employees with practical and digital qualifications. For instance, while attending Digital Banking and Finance at University of Lodz, students can choose one out of two specializations: Banking 3.0 or IT in Finance.

Joint projects of business and academia…

Even though the programme is pioneer in Poland, there are few examples of such partnership in other countries. 11 years ago German concern Audi AG launched cooperation with Technical University of Munich: as a result over 100 scholars carry out innovative engineering research. In Australia Microsoft, Cisco and Intel together with University of Melbourne implemented Assessment and Teaching of 21st Century Skills programme. It’s goal is to support expanding digital technology in economics by 5000 students from 6 countries. The third example is cooperation between Nikon and Harvard Medical School. In Nikon Imaging Center dedicated team works on microscope technologies.

…and their impact on the growing number of professional graduates ready to support innovative business

Employers, scientists and experts claim that modern and innovative business all over the world has to cooperate closely with science. Universities have to offer practical and innovative programmes, which keep up with the present corporations’ needs and challenges.