Online Food Delivery – A Winner-Takes-All Market?

A set of players in Asia are redefining the food delivery market enabling customers to order from a huge range of restaurants. The speed of delivery, options of food, and convenience are the primary driving forces which are leading to this shift in consumer behavior. Adapting to local tastes and budgets while ensuring that every food lover receives the best possible customized offering is the key to succeed in this fast-growing sector.

Tough competition among players in different markets

Currently, the global food delivery market is worth $95 billion, whereas the online food delivery market of Asia is worth around $53 billion with China alone accounting for $37 billion, which makes up almost 40% of the global market. The food delivery market has seen exponential growth across many countries in Asia due to its expansive potential and rapidly growing demand. This is due to the availability of diverse food options, the busy schedules that make it hard for people to cook or eat out, as well as the marketing push b ...

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