OnlineEMVPay - Using ProxyEMVPay Cards for Secure In-App Online Payments

The details behind the concept of generic ProxyEMVPay cards as an ubiquitous and cheap non-mobile equivalent to Apple Pay, were described in How To Enable Tokenization With Physical Payment Cards. Essentially, the ProxyEMVPay card could be offered as Visa, MasterCard, or American Express compatible. It is personalized and issued with an ‘inactive’ token (linked to a NULL PAN inside the payment network Tokenization Service Provider or TSP) and set to standard EMV keys and profile data elements (i.e. full EMV and/or MagStripe/MSD mode). The payment network (or certified 3rd party) EMVCo compliant TSP should provide all required personalization data elements and encryption keys to a card personalization bureau (i.e. Gemalto, G&D, Oberthur, etc.), who then acts as the token requestor during the card production process.

ProxyEMVPay cards must be securely ‘activated’ by the consumer via the activation portal, before they can be used. The a ...

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