How OpenTable, Paypal, NCR and Google are bringing technological innovation to Restaurants and Food Chains

Consumer experience in restaurant industry has undergone a dramatic change in the last decade. Technology advancement at each consumer step is revolutionizing the overall consumer experience. The technology changes we have seen in last decade have not only helped large chains, fine dining restaurants but also the smaller restaurant shops. Cloud, PaymentTech, Analytics, Mobility are bringing fundamental changes through technology-driven disruptions. In this article we will look at the evolution of the technology landscape at Restaurants and Food Chains in the US.

This has been particularly aided by increasing acceptance of technology by the end consumers. As per a recent survey by National Restaurant Association, 2/5th of adults surveyed were open to use of smart phone app if it were to be offered by a quick-service restaurant and nearly 1/3rd of adults were open to use of mobile apps if it was offered by a full-service restaurant.

Pre 2005: The Early Days

With growing popularity of internet, restaurant reviews websites like Opentable emerged in this period. These review websites evolved as a single greatest source for restaurant discovery and selection. This was in addition to physical restaurant magazines. Though, bulk of reservations was done through telephone/in person mode, some of these websites initiated reservation services th ...

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