Optimizing the Innovation Curve – Primary Goal for MasterCard Open API, Says Dan Martin, VP of MasterCard Open API

The MasterCard Developer Zone provides the developer community with dozens of APIs encouraging them to develop innovative e-commerce and mobile payment applications. MasterCard is also currently running its global hackathon series Masters of Code. The series was initially planned for 10 cities: Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sao Paulo, Tel Aviv, San Francisco, Montreal, Istanbul, New York and London. However, with the overwhelming response and sold-out tickets at its initial cities of Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore and Sao Paulo, MasterCard announced the addition of Mexico and St. Louis to its list and made the total count an even 12 for the year-end event in 2015.

With the Hackathon series midway, we had an opportunity to catch up with Dan Martin, the VP of MasterCard OpenAPI, to find out about his views, the evolution of open APIs at MasterCard and the exciti ...

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