Orange Finanse: A Unique Joint Mobile Venture of a Bank and Telco

Launched in October 2014, Orange Finanse is a joint venture between mBank and Orange Polska, the telecom operator of the largest high-speed Internet network in Poland with approx. 900 points-of-sale. The virtual project was brought to life in less than six months by a dedicated workgroup of more than 500 experienced specialists in both organizations. It is a tailor-made product based on simple and clear conditions for people who value their time and want to access their money in a comfortable, fast and secure way.

The bank takes the form of a simple mobile app that users can download, allowing you to set up an account straight from your mobile phone. Once you’ve done this, you simply use the banking services on the app. With Orange Finanse, a complete range of banking services can be accessed from a smartphone such as current and savings accounts, money transfers, NFC and online payments, mobile-enabled ATM withdrawals and account management.

The bank is designed to meet the needs of modern and demanding customers who are almost always online and expect solutions that are simple and user-friendly to the greatest extent possible. The application provides the possibility of managing finances on favorable terms and a package of additional personalized benefits.

Orange Finanse combines the highest standards of mBank's mobile banking and Orange Telco’s extensive expertise in telecommunications solutions addressed to smartphone users. Established last year, the bank has around 200,000 customers. The customers need not visit a bank branch and sign any documents in order to open a bank account with Orange Finanse; a smartphone with the mobile application is enough.

We are very satisfied with the venture. Whereas we deliver a banking license, innovative mobile as well as an Internet platform and banking know-how; Orange shares brand, database, sale opportunities, distribution network and marketing ideas. It all creates a full, effective entirety. – Łukasz Maculewicz from mBank (responsible for the Orange Finanse project)

Orange Finanse is thus setting standards on the market of financial services again by making the innovative banking experience even more accessible. The novelties in Polish mobile banking are also implemented in OF, i.e., QR codes, BLIK, NFC, mobile transfers in half a second or dedicated discounts.

The bank application makes it possible to check the account balance and available credit card limit as well as find the nearest ATM without logging in. It also enables its users to top-up prepaid mobile phones and make transfers without entering the recipient's bank account number; it is enough to select a telephone number in the smartphone's contact list or enter a given Facebook name. Orange customers may use the mobile application fully free of charge as they do not have to pay for data transfer.

The bank was recently granted the second place in the Best new product or service category in an international contest organized by Efma and Accenture for the most innovative banking projects. An expansion of the offering’s banking services is already being planned alongside a strengthening of the links between Orange Finanse and the traditional telecom services offered by Orange Poland.