Orders via Smartphone, Tablet, Xbox360 help Pizza Hut generate over $1 Bn in sales in 2013

The first ever online order for a Pizza was processed in 1994 by Pizza Hut according to a Tweet on their homepage. This fact was confirmed by Hobbes’ Internet Timeline. Since then, ordering your Pizza online has become a common experience. According to internet retailer, almost 50% of Pizza Hut’s orders in 2013 came via smartphones or tablets.

According to Rohit Kapoor, chief information officer for Pizza Hut, sales through Pizza Hut via mobile devices have grown 4,000% in last three years. He said that Pizza Hut invests between 15% and 20% of its total e-commerce budget in mobile initiatives.

The growth in mobile can be attributed to the convenience of ordering via a mobile device and the broader adoption of this experience among consumers, along with the launch of the new site and apps, said Doug Terfehr, Director of Public Relations at Pizza Hut. We’ve seen a significant increase in orders since then. More orders have been placed through digital channels in 2013 than any other year in the company’s history.

'Consumers are becoming more and more comfortable with purchasing products via their mobile phone, and we've seen that across our system,' said Pizza Hut’s CMO, Kurt Kane. 'It's only going to continue to increase, just as the more traditional ordering by desktop computer continued to grow in the late 2000s,' he added.

Pizza Hut was the first company to dip its nose in the gaming sector with its Pizza Hut for Xbox 360 which was launched in April this year. The Xbox arrived complete with Voice commands, HD graphics & hand motion recognition through Kinect. This was another factor that helped Pizza Hut generate over $1 Bn in sales over 2013.

This video shows you how an order can be placed via Xbox 360:

Our technology team is one of the most robust and skilled in the world. They’ve continued to push out advancements in our digital system solely to make the ordering process easier for our consumers, said Scott Bergen, CEO of Pizza Hut. Simplicity and speed are the most common requests from our online ordering customer, and we’ve addressed that with our new site. No company offers the wide variety of digital experiences than we do at Pizza Hut. Not just in the U.S., but around the world, he added.

Pizza hut counts 10.9 Mn Facebook fans in the U.S and 30 Mn worldwide with over 640,000 Twitter followers (U.S). This places pizza hut at the #1 position among pizza companies. Pizza Hut plans to intensify its focus on technology in 2014. The company has also planned a new and improvised for desktop users. Pizza Hut began in 1958 in Wichita, Kansas, and operates over 14,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries currently.