Our 4 Most Popular Infographics

We are feeling nostalgic today, so here is a blast from the past! What you see below are some infographics from 2015, 2016 and 2017 that were shared a gazillion times on social media, email as well as numerous websites – sometimes without even any references (we learned to brand our infographics with the MEDICI logo, watermark, etc. later on). The data points below haven’t been updated and the infographics have been shown as is. Also, MEDICI was formerly known as ‘Let’s Talk Payments (LTP),’ so you will see that name a lot below.

1. When this blockchain infographic was all over the internet… (And even the next one!)

Published in September 2015

Blockchain technology continues to redefine not only how the exchange sector operates, but the global financial economy as a whole. – Bob Greifeld, Chief Executive of NAS ...

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