P97 Partnership with Verifone Accelerates Mobile Commerce at Retail Fuel

Verifone Systems, Inc. and P97 Networks, Inc. recently announced that P97’s PetroZone Mobile Commerce and Digital Marketing Platform has been certified to integrate with Verifone’s cloud-based POS and site management software solutions providing gas stations and convenience stores a combined, fully integrated solution for mobile payment acceptance in-store and at the pump.

P97’s PetroZone is based on the Conexxus Mobile standard, which enables gas stations and convenience stores to support branded mobile apps and allows consumers to benefit more from loyalty programs, discounts, and frequent shopper reward programs. Conexxus enables businesses to improve processes, reduce costs and increase productivity for the convenience and fuel retailing industry.

Donald Frieden, President and CEO at P97 and Vice-Chair of the Conexxus Mobile Working Group said in the official press release, The ability to implement our mobile commerce platform through Verifone’s solutions is a testament to the value of Verifone’s open API. Now, gas stations and convenience stores using Verifone’s solutions can leverage the P97 platform to fast-track the introduction of new mobile payment and digital marketing experiences for their customers.

Commander Site Controller – the fastest site controller in the petro space - is Verifone’s single site management software platform. It supports all petroleum and card brands, and increases the speed in at-the-pump and in-store payment acceptance, fueling operations and back office control. Commander Console - its cloud-based software management system - allows the owners to manage all aspects of their businesses, including payment, in-store and forecourt operations. RubyCi combines Commander Site Controller with Ruby2, Verifone’s latest POS workstation with touch-screen console and multicore processor for efficient order taking and payment processing through a centralized device that increases counter space for each work station.

About PetroZone

PetroZone solution is a 360° mobile marketing and commerce platform that supports mobile payments, digital offers and customer rewards as well as integration with loyalty hosts. P97’s mobile payment improves the speed of onboarding process, including the registration of payment credentials and loyalty cards through an isolated and secure channel connected to their mobile wallet, also called a token vault. Integrating this tokenized mobile commerce platform with Verifone’s solutions enables P97 to provide the highest level of security and PCI compliance. For more information, visit.

About P97 Networks

P97 Networks provides secure cloud-based mobile commerce and marketing solutions for the convenience retail and fuels marketing industry with PetroZone. P97’s mobile commerce solutions enhance the ability of convenience store operators, marketers, and oil companies to attract and retain customers by providing technology that securely connects millions of individual mobile phones and connected cars with identity and geo-location based software technology to create connected-consumer experiences. For more information, visit.

About Verifone

Verifone is the leader in providing secure and innovative payment terminals, global payment as a service, and commerce enablement solutions that improve interactions between consumers and merchants. Verifone is connecting more than 26 million payment devices to the cloud - merging the online and in-store shopping experience. The company's products and services include mobile, countertop and self-service payment devices, software, and web-based gateways. With 5,300 employees worldwide, and partnerships with local distributors, Verifone is delivering innovative payment solutions in 150 countries. For more information, visit.