Is RegTech the Next Big Thing?

Tim Hwang (FiscalNote), John Schrader (Duff & Phelps), Gurjeet Singh (Ayasdi), and Andrew Work (NexChange) discuss challenges and opportunities in the regulatory space, touching upon the use of AI in regulatory risk models, AML, and how advanced technologies can dramatically reduce the amount of resources invested in ensuring the appropriate...

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Enabling Technologies

Defining the Future of Big Data & Analytics – Interview with Pingal Technologies, YES FINTECH Accelerator Autumn Cohort Finalist

The MEDICI Team had the pleasure of interviewing Digvijay Singh Baghel, one of the co-founders of Pingal Technologies along with Ajay Rastogi and Shivendra Singh. Pingal Technologies is helping to transform the analytics industry by bringing the power of natural search together with other open-source technologies, which have totally transformed...

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Daily Review: Blockchain Finds Adoption in Registries

The application of blockchain technology for operating registries – whether land, business, or estate – has seen certain development by a few governing authorities and by a relatively small number of tech startups. The UAE, the Republic of Georgia, and Estonia are among the rare cases. The Estonian KSI Blockchain...

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Daily Review: How Technology Shapes the Future of Giving

The potential of social entrepreneurship is yet to be explored by the tech community around the world. It comes in many shapes, one of which is building tech-enabled solutions that facilitate charitable initiatives. Entrepreneurship aimed at social good is generally built around individuals willing to donate resources for those in...

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Enabling Technologies

How European Banks Are Using AI

“In the long term, harnessing AI and technology will determine the split between winners and losers,” said Jeroen van Oerle, Portfolio Manager Robeco Fintech Equities, Robeco. “In order to keep relevant for the future, you need efficient back-office operations. On top of that, you need to be able to tailor...

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Daily Review: Consolidation of Power Is Underway in Finserv

The consolidation of resources (financial, talent, technology, and ideas) in the financial services industry is gradually balancing the market and relationships between startups and institutions. It will also bring it to the original structure, where a very limited number of companies control the majority of the market. The year 2018...

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Enabling Technologies

What Is the US Banks’ AI Strategy?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning saw a significant spike of attention in the past few years – whether it’s through partnerships, acquisitions, or in-house developments. The largest financial institutions in the US have been involved in one way or another in bringing artificial intelligence into operations and customer-facing functions. A...

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Authentication & Security

Daily Review: How BAT is Building the Future of Identity

The next generation of identity solutions will be fully digitized and most likely smartphone-focused. So far, there is only one place in the world where the most advanced identity management and authentication solutions exist, with their parent companies extending capabilities into smartphone-powered digital identities. Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent, also known...

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