The Second Wave of FinTech

Hosted in mid-2017 by Canaan, the West Coast edition of FinTech Central(FTC) brought together leaders from some of the most successful and largest financial technology companies and dedicated investors to discuss the current state of infrastructure in FinTech and the future of the industry, touching upon personalization, the adoption of...

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The Resurgence of the Insurance Industry, Powered by InsurTech Innovation

Carrier-InsurTech relationships went through stages very similar to the bank-FinTech narrative. In an industry-defining statement, Andrew Rear, Chief Executive at Munich Re’s Digital Partners, shared a few years ago, “InsurTech is here to stay, and it will bring fundamental change to the insurance industry.” “InsurTechs have emerged to offer simpler...

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Daily Review: PayPal Moves to Bank the Unbanked

With an increased competition in its core competence industry, PayPal, as any other ‘big FinTech’ representative, has to find ways to reinvent itself. Throughout its history, the company has made over a dozen on acquisitions to deepen its roots in businesses’ and individuals’ lives, improve its talent pool, and increase...

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Enabling Technologies

Automation & Financial Services

Last November, NYU Stern hosted “The Transformative Potential and Regulatory Challenges of FinTech” conference. An extensive forum brought together researchers, industry executives, alumni, and students to debate & discuss the future of FinTech, the latest research in this dynamic field, and how technology is reshaping the finance industry. Explaining the...

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Network Security for Financial Organizations

IT departments within financial institutions face two major network security-related challenges while working to serve their customers: Regulatory compliance, and The constant demand to improve their services in order to successfully compete in the market. Meeting the first of these challenges has become increasingly complex in recent years, as the...

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How Can Banks Survive the Digital Wallet War Against GAFA?

Facebook-owned messaging platform WhatsApp has recently launched its payment feature in India, allowing the country’s 200 million users to transfer money through the application. Today, India is one of the biggest markets for WhatsApp. Already having been threatened by the disruptive FinTech startups, banks in India are feeling the heat...

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