Financial Inclusion

Double-Faced Innovation in the Financial Services Industry

The flip side of technological advancements across industries often fades when weighed against new opportunities. It’s important, however, to acknowledge that any innovation is double-faced and may carry risks that in the long-run could outweigh immediate benefits. In the financial services industry, in particular, the innovative solutions pushed to the...

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What Defines Alternative Lending Platforms?

The alternative lending industry went from an explosive growth, a goldmine for banks, to the cause of hot discussions over the viability of the very business models in the FinTech family. Some of the largest alternative lenders have been originating loans at such a pace that any bank can marvel...

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Enabling Technologies

Kontomatik Appears at Lendit Europe 2016

02.10.2016 Warsaw, Poland: Kontomatik is happy to announce its sponsorship and participation in one of the largest European events for the lending industry – Lendit Europe 2016. Peter Hiekmann, VP of Sales in Kontomatik, will take part in a panel discussion dedicated to Fraud Mitigation in online lending space on...

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What for and How Do Millennials Use P2P Transfers?

Mobile P2P money transfers are estimated to increase from $15.22 billion in 2014 to $270.93 billion in 2019 – an ~18-fold increase, indicating an opportunity for existing market participants and new entrants to bank on a highly potent segment. In the US only, the estimations suggest that P2P payments market...

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The Sharing Economy of Blockchain

While long established and highly disruptive for certain industries, sharing economy is still quite a debatable topic. Some professionals call to pay attention to major downsides and the real face and impact of companies like Uber, AirBnb, and others on local ecosystems. The matter of regulatory compliance, tax avoidance, security...

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Canada's FinTech Ecosystem Is Gaining Momentum as a Global Hub for Innovative Technology

As FinTech hubs around the world enter various phases of growth and development, the attention of financial industry professionals is being scattered over emerging locations and new opportunities for businesses. While Canada is not really a ‘freshman’ ecosystem in FinTech, the country appears to be gaining attention as possibly one...

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HCE Service Brings to HCE Mobile Payments a New Level of Trust and Security via Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) That Is PSD2 Ready

Card issuers across the world are launching their own branded HCE-enabled (host card emulation) digital cards on mobile devices. Rapid mobile payments growth is expected as more cash transactions convert to being digitally driven by the “millennial” generation.  However, the current challenges with any HCE implementation are achieving strong customer authentication,...

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