Smart Black Friday: A Satispay Payment Every Two Seconds

Milan, November 28, 2016. Satispay, the young Italian company that is revolutionizing the mobile payment sector, has inaugurated the 2016 Christmas shopping season with the hugely successful “Smart Black Friday.” On the November 25, Italy saw a surge in mobile payments via Satispay in more than 4,000 affiliated shops across the...

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India FinTech Awards: The Winners

India is at the beginning of a FinTech revolution with significant rewiring of financial services happening with Aadhar, mobile, UPI among others.The India FinTech Awards (IFTA) 2016 platform, organized by the India Fintech Forum, provided a great opportunity for FinTech firms to showcase their products to a curated audience comprising...

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FinTech in China: A 53-Point Summary

If there is a FinTech version of Silicon Valley, it is China, Period. Today, there is no equivalent of China in the FinTech world. Having spent the past several months in China, here are some observations/insights from the FinTech scene in China: 1. China is the world’s largest FinTech market....

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China Leapfrogs the World in Fostering Innovation

With a population of over 1.35 billion, China recently became the second largest economy and is increasingly playing an important and influential role in the global economy. Not only China is a massive economic force, but also one of the leading countries in terms of disruptive technology and innovative businesses....

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The Strongest Transformative Forces in the Insurance Industry

No other industry has a bigger impact on the improvement of national welfare than insurance. In 2015, insurance premium volume worldwide reached $5.265 trillion, attracting ever-expanding attention to insurance business from across the field. In the years ahead, insurance landscape will no longer be an oligopoly as transformative forces will...

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Which Are the Top 3 Hottest FinTech Hubs Worldwide?

While we have been brushing through the world’s hottest FinTech hubs, we haven't really looked at them in a comparative manner. Meanwhile, every hub is unique and carries hallmarks of its history of growth and development affected by distinctive forces. Those forces shape unique strengths and weaknesses and determine the...

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Gifting & Giving

How America Gives Gifts in 2016: While Bargain Hunting Is Prominent, Other Factors Influence Shoppers' Gift-Giving Preferences

In a new survey from Blackhawk Network, many shoppers surveyed report gift cards could make up half of all holiday gifts they give this year PLEASANTON, Calif. – Nov. 16, 2016 – Shoppers bargain hunt while shopping for gifts, but considerations like the brand and a gift’s overall fit for...

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