Five Ways Financial Institutions/Authorities Work With Blockchain Technology

With endless trials/projects/initiatives/region-specific consortiums/pilots, blockchain sometimes looks like one of those ‘fashion items’ in the financial services industry that institutions want to have to keep the title of 'innovative and modern.' Undoubtedly, some of those initiatives will end up perpetuating a large-scale adoption, but at the moment, a potpourri of activities...

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Consumers Around the World Want to Use Smartphones as an Alternative to Plastic Cards

Understanding of the readiness of certain countries and regions for innovative transformation is a crucial part of business expansion strategies for startups in any industry. While there are examples of innovative startups that have expanded globally despite regulations and other problems, for the large part of entrepreneurs, the matter of...

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Exclusive Interview With Tom Burgess, Founder & CEO of Linkable Networks

Let’s Talk Payments recently had the pleasure of interviewing Tom Burgess, Founder & CEO of Linkable Networks. Tom Burgess, a serial entrepreneur and avid adventurer. With deep-rooted experience across the advertising and digital media industries, this seasoned executive searches for industry pain points and creates powerful, forward-thinking solutions to revolutionize...

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Exclusive Interview With Deepak Jain, CEO and Founder of Swych, a Mobile Platform Defining the Next Generation of Gifting

September 2016 has undoubtedly been rich on news and initiatives in the financial services industry with FinovateFall 2016 in New York being a crown jewel of this month. The event has revealed a specter of innovations in development and gave an opportunity for bright entrepreneurs to present their solutions to...

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PayCommerce Launches First Instant Cross-Border Payments, Clearing and Settlement Program for Its Global Banking Network

Global banks can now access the technology and network for instant cross-border payments, clearing and integrated settlements, while opening up new revenue opportunities September 26, 2016, Edison, NJ — PayCommerce, a leading enterprise cross-border payments network today announced at Sibos (Booth #E89), the introduction of its instant cross-border payment, clearing...

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Retail Payments - Manageability or Innovation?

The Case for a semi-integrated payments architecture for retail - cross between manageability and driving innovation. Retailers have long struggled with electronic payments especially when coupled with creating a unified consumer experience at point of sale or service. It would be safe to say that of the last 30 years...

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TALKINGTECH Launches Frictionless, Customer-Facing Payment and Collections Service

22 September 2016, London: TALKINGTECH, a global leader in customer engagement, payments and collections, recently launched Webpay, a self-service customer payment portal that speeds up debt recovery. Organizations can now provide their customers with a wholly-branded, easy-to-use payment service that makes bills easier to pay. Fully optimized for mobile, tablet...

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Enabling Technologies

Financial Technologies in Africa: Driving Much More Than Financial Inclusion

The rapid transition towards financial inclusion that Sub-Saharan Africa has been seeing in the last decade could not have happened without the successful adoption of mobile money. However, mobile money and financial technologies have brought Africa’s Sub-Saharan population much more than just access to financial services. It has laid a...

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