How Cognitive Computing Can Transform Businesses

Every day an infinite amount of unstructured data is being generated and stored by organizations across industries. To make sense of that data and apply it into effective decision-making, companies increasingly lean on AI-powered solutions. A particularly interesting area of AI – cognitive computing – is one of the forces...

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The Origins of Disruptive Innovation

While it is commonly believed that FinTech startups represent a substantial threat (or an opportunity?) to traditional financial institutions, the details on the inside story of FinTech are often lost in the hype. Not all financial technology startups are born equal and can even be considered disruptive. What is disruptive...

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What Do Millennials Want From Banks?

With millennials comprising over a quarter of the US population, companies across industries are turning their priority and attention to creating products which can cater to this group with its lifestyle hallmarks. In addition to extensive representation, this group has influence over $600 billion of indirect spending, primarily because teens...

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Enabling Technologies

Synopsis of Mobile Payments in Australia

What are mobile payments? It is a payment, defined as a transfer of funds in return for a good or service, where the mobile phone is involved in both the initiation and confirmation of the payment. The location of the payer and supporting infrastructure is not important: he/she may or...

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41 International FinTech Accelerators & Incubators Nurturing the Future of the Financial Services Industry

As the FinTech ecosystem grows in complexity and enrichment with technological advancements, banks and corporations rush to seize the opportunity to harvest the best solutions available. Innovation hunters have been looking for opportunities in different ways, one of which is to set an accelerator/incubator, innovation lab or some sort of...

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India FinTech Roundup

India has witnessed a lot of FinTech activity in the past year. The huge millennial population, growing economy, and innovative startups are the major factors that have been cited for this activity. Apart from demographic and economic factors, Indian regulators have also done a lot of innovative groundwork to enable...

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Cash Replacement 101: Acceptance and Risk Management

The term cash-replacement typically refers to a myriad of products such as debit cards, prepaid cards, credit cards, etc., that effectively will enable a transaction without cash or (almost) replace cash. What started as a card in 1950, supported by relatively simple issuance and clearance, has evolved into a highly...

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