How Blockchain Technology Will Change Global Payments

Blockchain technology has been occupying the minds of financial services industry professionals for a while now and for a reason. With a wide array of financial and non-financial use cases, blockchain is often considered as a solution to almost any problem in the banking industry and beyond (in insurance, supply chain...

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Enabling Technologies

Exclusive Interview With Max Klein, CEO & Co-Founder of Float, One of the Fastest & Most Accessible Credit Products on the Market

The LTP Team recently had the pleasure of interviewing Max Klein, CEO & Co-Founder of Float, an alternative lending company providing hassle-free access to a line of credit utilizing a proprietary underwriting solution. Max shared information on Float’s solution and insights on the proprietary underwriting engine that uses transactional and...

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The Importance of UX in the Financial Services Industry

In 2016, it's difficult to surprise anyone with underlying technology. Open APIs, infinite flow of information, diversity of available talent and availability of technology takes competition to the next level today, when user experience (UX) is really what defines success. The idea that the greatest tech companies aren't really tech...

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Not Everything Is Magical in the FinTech Unicorns Club

Doubts over business models and decreased funding Hardly anyone would better feel the burden of ‘overnight’ success than the Ivy League of FinTech as it has experienced lately. A range of FinTech unicorns have been found themselves in puzzling market situations recently and have given reason for extra thought to...

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Cash Is a State-Backed Utility – Part 2

The first recorded use of fiat money was in 1000 AD in China, which in form was more like a state-backed note. It wasn't until the 10th or 11th century that fiat money gained momentum in China. First the Song dynasty, subsequently followed by the Yuan dynasty, institutionalized paper currency...

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Exclusive Interview With George Kesselman, Co-founder and CEO of InsurTechAsia

LTP recently had the pleasure of interviewing George Kesselman, Co-founder and CEO of InsurTechAsia. George is a highly experienced global financial services executive and InsurTech expert with a strong transformational leadership track record across Asia. In his relentless passion and pursuit to transform insurance, George co-founded an industry-wide innovation ecosystem...

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The Magic of Open APIs

As European banks can't stop talking about open APIs, further discussion over the matter throws light on opportunities open APIs have in store for the banking industry, businesses and customers. Open APIs are at the core of open banking, which comes with enabled access to data for all relevant participants...

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