FinTech in Switzerland: A Quick Overview

Switzerland has everything it takes to advance to the league of leading FinTech nations. First-class financial institutions, leading banking software manufacturers and research departments of ICT heavyweights such as Google and IBM call Switzerland their home. In addition, the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology in Zurich (ETH) and Lausanne (EPFL)...

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Enabling Technologies

How M2M Technology Can Transform Retail

One of the emerging and exciting technologies of the 21st century is machine-to-machine (M2M) technology. According to the report published by CradlePoint, a provider of 3G and 4G network solutions for businesses, “The M2M market is fueling innovation and improving performance in the retail, finance, healthcare, construction, and transportation industries….”...

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What Is the Next Big Thing in Retail?

The first intuitive answer would probably be around mobile technology, but another sheriff is showing up in town and may take the leadership sooner than expected. VR has been one of the most exciting tech advancements recently with large tech corporations and startups developing fascinating parallel reality seen in a...

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Thanks to Satispay's Alliance With Iccrea Bank, Ingenico Payment Terminals Are Ready to Accept Satispay Mobile Payments

  The Satispay payment system is ready for integration with Ingenico, a leading provider of payment terminals. The venture will be launched with an initial roll out of 83,000 businesses with BCC bank accounts, thanks to the alliance between Satispay and ICCREA Bank, Satispay’s main corporate investor. Satispay will be...

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Authentication & Security

Little-Known Identity & Auth Startup From Bangalore Wins RBI's Payment Innovation Contest – Meet Signzy

I have heard this saying a few times in the last five years that “Payments without authentication is just accounting.” Identification and authentication is a very important sector of the payments industry and also the broader FinTech sector. In a country like India where a revolution is beginning around digital...

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3 Surprising Ways Blockchain Could Transform Commerce and Disrupt Uber

Blockchain technology continues to make headlines. It seems nearly every global financial institution nowadays is involved in blockchain-related initiatives one way or another. We have been reviewing the blockchain ecosystem for quite a while now and have seen interesting if not outright promising solutions for authentication, blockchain-as-a-service, open-source blockchain, application...

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How FinTech Transforms Supply Chain Finance

Supply chain finance is a massive industry with $2 trillion in financeable highly secure payables globally and a potential revenue pool of $20 billion, according to the estimations made in the report by McKinsey. Since 2010, the revenues are suggested to have grown at 20% per year and are expected...

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An Ornamental Chip

At the end of last year, two of the biggest credit card companies in America officially rolled out their newest technology—the microchip. Visa and MasterCard paraded this advancement as an answer to the swipe technology that was employed for decades. Hundreds of millions of dollars were spent to distribute newly chipped...

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