Great Northern Instore Partners With Shelfbucks to Expand Industry Rollout of In-Store 'SmartDisplays™' for CPGs and Retailers

Great Northern point-of-purchase merchandising displays will now incorporate the Shelfbucks platform, enabling the industry to rapidly measure and adjust in-store campaigns for maximum impact AUSTIN, Texas – August 17, 2016 – Shelfbucks Inc., the leading in-store shopper marketing optimization platform, announced that it had finalized an agreement with Great Northern...

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EdTech: When Technology for the Sake of Technology Creates a Mess

Technology is believed to be the foundation of innovative solutions across industries. Advanced machines, devices and technological capabilities have had a significant transformative effect on the financial services industry, insurance, agriculture, politics and more. There is, however, an industry where the impact of technology and emerged startup ecosystem has a...

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Three Types of Mobility Transforming the Financial Services Industry

Given that the greatest tech companies aren’t really tech and there is probably more ‘tech’ in FinTech than there is ‘Fin’, lines dividing industries and segments have become extremely blurred nowadays. Technology has become a defining factor in the financial services industry and traditional financial institutions are experiencing competition from...

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Data Analysis

Smart Data Is at the Core of FinTech Innovation

Big Data is so yesterday’s news in the face of the true engine of FinTech innovation – Smart Data. Meaningful versatile data even in a limited stream is far more potent in fueling better financial services and financial inclusion than a vast but irrelevant warehouse of information. Smart data represents...

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