Blockchain – Underlying Technology Primer

All articles about the blockchain industry emphasize the cryptographic protection of underlying data records as the main trait of that technology, which makes the underlying ‘database’ (or better said ‘data structure’) completely immutable (virtually impossible to be modified) and safely shareable by all network participants. I am sure many people...

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South Korea’s Government to Increase Attention to FinTech

Quite rarely we touch upon some countries, and Korea is among them. However, the country deserves special attention as in the coming years, the government is expected to pay closer attention to facilitate the growth of FinTech ecosystem in the country. As Yim Jong-yong, Chairman of the Financial Services Commission,...

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Contree: Settle and Manage Group Expenses Easily

Contree is an interactive group expense management and settlement app with free bank transfer facility. Currently in beta version, it is a unique way to split, manage and settle expenses among flatmates, college students, colleagues. Currently, its beta version has been launched on play store with fantastic reviews. Let’s take...

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