Enabling Technologies

What Is the US Banks’ AI Strategy?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning saw a significant spike of attention in the past few years – whether it’s through partnerships, acquisitions, or in-house developments. The largest financial institutions in the US have been involved in one way or another in bringing artificial intelligence into operations and customer-facing functions. A...

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Authentication & Security

Daily Review: How BAT is Building the Future of Identity

The next generation of identity solutions will be fully digitized and most likely smartphone-focused. So far, there is only one place in the world where the most advanced identity management and authentication solutions exist, with their parent companies extending capabilities into smartphone-powered digital identities. Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent, also known...

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Enabling Technologies

Regulation of Emerging Technologies

“Emerging technologies present the common question of how science can be integrated into the policy debate when, by definition, with an emerging technology, the science is well ahead of the content of the social discourse and the science is often not well articulated or understood. Are there approaches to regulation...

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Authentication & Security

The Rise of Biometrics in Finance

Out of 2.4 billion poor people worldwide, about 1.5 billion are not able to prove their identity to formal economies. “Globalization and population growth increase the pressure to find cost-effective solutions to prove identity. Recent advances in biometrics, from iris scanning to DNA analysis and voice pattern recognition, are likely...

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Daily Review: Partnership as a Competitive Advantage

The largest FinTech startups are repeating the history of institutional banking – the history of centralization – whether they want/realize it or not. The global consumer market is extremely limited for ~11K FinTech startups to have a sustainable future altogether. In the years ahead, the keys to survival will be...

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Mobile – The Innovation Platform of the 21st Century

“More than half the world’s mobile subscribers live in Asia-Pacific – mostly in China and India. Although the region has reached its peak in terms of subscriber growth, Asia-Pacific will account for almost two-thirds of new subscribers globally by 2020, with most of the incremental growth coming from the two...

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Authentication & Security

Daily Review: Digital Identity – The Most Valuable Asset of the Century

One’s identity is a centerpiece of every aspect of his/her life – financial and social standing, health, family welfare, employment, education, etc. Identification – whether through civil registries or other national identification systems – has three overarching outcome goals from a development perspective: inclusion and access to essential services (health...

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Retail Banking

Daily Review: Banks are Launching Own Digital-Only Banks in Response to Challengers

After a period of observation and learning, financial institutions are getting on the challenger bank bandwagon themselves, embracing digital transformation outside main business structures: digibank by DBS Bank, Incredible Bank by River Valley Bank, Popular Direct by Popular Bank, FNBO Direct by the First National Bank of Omaha, Finn by...

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