Corezoid Process Engine to Deliver its New Banking Digital Core Solution on the Amazon Web Services Cloud

Redwood City, CA – June 15, 2016 –Corezoid, a process engine for creating a new banking digital core, today announced that it will deliver its recently-launched platform-as-a-service on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud. Many banks around the world have a huge challenge: outdated, analogue, and poorly-managed IT systems. The...

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Enabling Technologies

Thinaire Scores Another Win in Mobile Engagement: New Data-Driven Analytics Solution

As part of our ongoing coverage of FinTech and adjacent sectors, LTP has been covering the Internet of Everything (IoE or IoT) space comprehensively. In fact, despite the ecosystem-wide attention to IoE, specific consumer experience enhancing propositions are still relatively rare in the space. This announcement caught our attention today,...

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The Three Pillars of Connected Insurance in Italy

High connectivity is one of the hallmarks of the modern society. At any moment in time, individuals are plugged into society through the range of devices, which as well are constituting a complex ecosystem of smart connected things. As fairly stated in Harvard Economics Review, “Consumers are becoming more and more connected whether...

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Authentication & Security

Global Economic Development: The Growth is Slowing Down and Moving East

Economic growth rate is perceived to be the most important indicator of global well-being; almost every international organization refers to economic growth expectations in defining global economic trends. However, the year 2016’s forecasts on global economic growth has brought certain disappointments and concerns to the professional community. In June 2016,...

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