Blockchain-Powered Trading and Investment Platforms

Blockchain-powered trading Coinigy provides a unified, all-encompassing access point for cryptocurrency-related data. With real-time feeds of market metrics and blockchain data, the platform provides high-definition charting with big data analytics and allows users to control their exchange accounts directly to place orders and alerts, monitor P&L and track balances. Hedgy,...

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FinTech, Workforce and Capital: Where Is the Golden Mean?

As FinTech became a permanent part of our lives, the industry had a tremendous effect on its various aspects. In fact, even governments have noticed tectonic shifts in workplaces, personal life and, possibly, policies in the future. One of the countries at the forefront of innovation has performed a research...

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13 Banking Software Companies Powering Online Banking

The updated version of this article can be found here.  Temenos Group AG, headquartered in Geneva, is a market-leading software provider that partners with banks and other financial institutions to transform their businesses and stay ahead of a changing marketplace. Temenos customers significantly outperform their peers. Over the period of...

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Authentication & Security

30 Hottest Mobile Security Companies in the US

Given below is a list of mobile security companies with a brief overview on each one of them: Cryptzone is a leader in network security and protection, offering data security, content governance and app security solutions for data protection. Splunk provides a platform for Operational Intelligence. Customers use Splunk to...

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Putting a Face on China's E-Commerce Consumer Market

China (in particular, Hong Kong) has long been one of the world’s premier financial hubs and one of the most forward-thinking markets with the highest innovation adoption rate of 29%. As a leader in fostering a competitive environment, China has largely opened up its market for FinTech startups to disrupt...

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