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11 Blockchain Companies Applying Distributed Ledger Technology to Compliance & Security

Third Key Solutions provides consulting and cryptographic key management solutions for companies using decentralized digital currencies, distributed blockchains and asset-tokens. Chainalysis allows to spot connections between digital identities. The company’s product allows financial institutions to develop trust lines between them as well as identify malicious actors. The company states as...

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Exclusive Interview With Matiss Ansviesulis, CEO of Creamfinance

LTP had the pleasure of interviewing Matiss Ansviesulis, the Co-Founder and CEO of Creamfinance, which provides personal finance products in emerging markets. After completing studies at Lancaster University’s Management School and working as a business analyst for JP Morgan in London, he and Davis Barons joined forces to start Creamfinance...

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IdentityMind’s Digital Currency Webinar Series: Know Your Customer (KYC) Tips & Tricks

{Press Release} In the next installment of its educational webinar series, IdentityMind Global will share “Know Your Customer: Tips & Tricks,” aimed at helping FinTech business leaders to understand how to adopt industry leading Anti Money Laundering (AML) practices for Digital Currency. The KYC Tips and Tricks session will take...

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Big Data: Friend or Foe?

Big data has become an immense part of any sort of sophisticated decision-making tool for financial institutions. The importance of consolidated structured records on customer financial (and not only) behavior is difficult to overestimate as it provides companies an opportunity to make accurate business choices and stay relevant in the...

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The Role of Social Media in FinTech

According to a report, mobile commerce is estimated to reach $278.9 billion by 2018. With this increase, there comes a shift in the way we make payments across the globe. There will be an estimated 2.55 billion users of social networks by 2017 according to a report by eMarketer. It...

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Worldpay and Georgia Tech’s ATDC Financial Technology Partnership Yielding Strong Results

8 startups in program have already raised $16.8 million in funding ATLANTA (April, 11, 2016): A year after launching an accelerator program focused on helping entrepreneurs in Georgia’s growing financial technology (FinTech) sector succeeded, the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) at Georgia Tech is working with a portfolio of 20...

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