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What is the FinTech Community Doing For Millennials?

The payments and banking world needs to speak a different language for the mobile generation of millennials. This is the generation that expects instant gratification: if you press a button that says “transfer money,” having to wait three days for it to happen is three days too late. The 80 million members of the millennial...

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4 Amazing Robots That Can Enhance Human Life

Relationships between robots and humans are quite debatable. While some believe that robots impose a threat to human occupations, others are excited to explore opportunities that robots will bring. The potential of robotics is almost unlimited as it is able to create machines for almost any operation across a wide range...

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CAN Capital Provided Access to $6 Billion of Working Capital for Small Businesses

Small business financing can be challenging and risky, especially with the uncertain nature of small businesses given that large corporations are aggressively penetrating various market niches. While traditional financial institutions may turn away from SMEs, some alternative lenders are quite successful in delivering financing to these businesses. One of the market...

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How GAFA Redefined the Meaning of Innovation and Our Lives

It took four companies – Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon – to change the way consumers see financial services, customer service and shopping. Having almost nothing to do with banking, these tech giants are now directing the pace of innovation across the whole industry and redefining our expectations, putting banks...

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15 Noteworthy FinTech Startups in Southeast Asia

We looked at the FinTech startups in the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand & Indonesia and came up with a list of the 15 most noteworthy FinTech startups in Southeast Asia: LoanSolutions.ph (Philippines): Founded in 2014, LoanSolutions facilitates fast and easy access to credit for different financial needs by connecting borrowers...

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