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Barriers and Drivers of InsurTech Adoption

Even though lending and payments startups have been the hottest over the course of the FinTech revolution in terms of the number of companies that raised funds, we have been predicting that InsurTech is becoming a hot topic and sector for bright entrepreneurs to develop disruptive solutions. Investors also have...

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Stockholm's FinTech Is Europe's No. 2 Innovation Hub

The next stop in our FinTech hub haul is in Stockholm as the Swedish city is considered to be one of the hottest FinTech hubs in Europe. Stockholm School of Economics, in collaboration with Stockholm Business Region Development, has performed extensive research on FinTech investments in Stockholm to find out...

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80 InsurTech Firms Shaking up the Trillion-Dollar Insurance Industry

Knip is an innovative digital insurance manager that provides users with an easy-to-understand overview and analysis of existing insurance policies, tariffs and services. Clark is an insurance platform that provides a transparent, cheap and comprehensive insurance cover. Brolly is a UK-based personal insurance management app and broker that allows users...

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What Does It Take to Win in E-Commerce?

Cracking e-commerce in the days of eBay, Amazon and Alibaba is a tricky business. With a survival rate of probably one out of ten FinTech startups, chances are that e-commerce is also a tough business to enter and hold onto. There are countless sources suggesting success factors for companies looking to hack their...

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VC FinTech Accelerator in Little Rock: How FIS Fosters Innovation in the Birthplace of FinTech

FIS is a global leader in banking and payments technology as well as consulting and outsourcing solutions. The company supports banking and payment processing needs for thousands of financial institutions across the US.  The company operates in three segments: payment solutions, financial solutions and international solutions. FIS serves more than...

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How Prepared Are Banks for Open Innovation?

Banks are exhibiting a willingness to transform themselves by working with the FinTech ecosystem. They have adopted different ways to work with the new global FinTech (ecosystem) and those initiatives largely fall into two buckets: internal programs and open innovation initiatives. There are various formats and ways of working with...

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The Economic Cost of Getting Hacked

The recent history of data breaches is an evidence of a major problem that all industries face – loopholes in cyberdefense systems, which allow cybercriminals to leverage modern and evolving malware tools to steal consumers’ financial data. As breaches occur with major players across industries with frightening frequency over time,...

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