Strategic Analysis of RegTech: A Billion-Dollar Opportunity

RegTech refers to a set of companies and solutions that address regulatory challenges across industries, including financial services, through innovative technology. RegTech solutions are agile by nature due to the complexity and momentum of regulatory transitions. Traditionally, the technology was developed to be robust. However, RegTech can’t afford the luxury...

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Enabling Technologies

Wealthfront 3.0 Enables Users to Integrate Their Accounts on Multiple Platforms Like Venmo and Coinbase Using APIs

APIs are powering lot of new things in the FinTech landscape. Online automated investment advisor Wealthfront has launched version 3.0 of its platform where APIs are used directly to integrate accounts with other platforms. The new platform includes a dashboard with detailed graphs representing the assets and liabilities in customers’...

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Authentication & Security

5 Ways Electronic Transfers Can Undermine Financial Inclusion in the Developing World

With the fast pace of technology development and improving digital experience, electronic transfers globally are being adopted at a rapid pace. Even with increasing concerns over data privacy and security, the trend is expected to continue. National regulatory bodies and research centers are paying closer attention to the digitization trend...

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Will Instant Credit Take Over Credit Cards?

Instant credit is a way by which shoppers get access to real-time loan approvals for their purchase at a point-of-sale (physical and online) without using a credit card. The credit check is mostly done based on a host of parameters covering credit score, social media data, merchant data and others....

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Betterment Raises $100M in Series E Funding

Betterment, a leading robo-advisory platform powering automated investments, has recently received $100 million in its series E funding round from AB Kinnevik, a Swedish investment firm. Previous investors of Betterment, i.e., Bessemer Ventures Partners, Menlo Ventures, Anthemis Group and Francisco Partners also participated in this round. This brings the total...

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Understanding Remittances: Regulatory Aspects

An understanding of the legal and regulatory aspects of remittances is important. The existence of multiple channels and the institutional and legal environment governing remittances transactions pose numerous challenges to fund transfer operators. Furthermore, the regulatory environment and practices substantially vary across countries in the treatment of entities engaged in...

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