FinTech Is Pushing Banks out of the Remittance Business

Recently, the financial and non-financial worlds have been psyched about the impact of FinTech on our everyday life. There is a FinTech startup somewhere for almost any bank service nowadays, taking away the cash cow little by little from the club of monopolists. We even started to believe that FinTech...

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Authentication & Security

10 Risk Analytics Tech Companies That Are Powering the Insurance Industry

Continuing the haul over InsuranceTech companies (car insurance, health insurance, life insurance), we couldn’t have missed an opportunity to look at an emerging segment within InsuranceTech – analytical software for risks prediction. Insurance and risk analysis are closely related fields as an insurance choice is based on the estimation of...

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FinTech Buyers Club: Who Invests in FinTech Startups?

As one may have noticed, the FinTech fever is spreading around the world at an outstanding pace. Tech companies, banks and players that are not even related sometimes are catching the rush to get involved with the most promising startups in fear of becoming irrelevant. One of the biggest and...

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Gifting & Giving

NimbleCommerce Acquired by Blackhawk Network

Acquisition will add digital promotions platform to Blackhawk’s growing ecommerce portfolio. Blackhawk Network, a leading prepaid and payments network, announced that it has acquired NimbleCommerce, a digital commerce platform and network for promotions. NimbleCommerce also allows merchants and brands to manage their own prepaid offer and gift card programs, or...

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Staples and Thinking Capital Launch Staples Business Loans, Helping Small Business Owners Make More Happen

Staples Business Loans lets businesses apply online for loans of up to $300,000 TORONTO [Press Release] - Thinking Capital has teamed up with Staples Canada to launch "Staples Business Loans powered by Thinking Capital", giving Canadian small business owners quick and easy access to financing. Through this service, Thinking Capital,...

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There Is a FinTech Startup for Almost Any Bank Service

FinTech companies around the world have now reached the potential of substituting almost any service from the banking value chain. The legitimate question to be raised then is: if there is a startup for each service a bank provides, do we really need banks? The banking industry has been and...

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