There Is a FinTech Startup for Almost Any Bank Service

FinTech companies around the world have now reached the potential of substituting almost any service from the banking value chain. The legitimate question to be raised then is: if there is a startup for each service a bank provides, do we really need banks? The banking industry has been and...

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Why Is It so Hard to Introduce Instant Payments?

One of the recent “duh” moments has brought up a thought of extremely high expectations modern consumers have for payments systems. The moment we are talking about is when Google Wallet was psyched to introduce instant money transfers with a phone number in minutes. For the industry and the company,...

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A Sector Snapshot of UK Remittance Market

Remittances are one of the most tangible contributions of migrants to their countries of origin and represent a growing financial flow for developing countries. Over the past few years, remittances have emerged as a key item on the global development agenda. Remittances are cross-border, person-to-person payments of relatively low value....

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Israel Tech Talent Is Turbocharging FinTech

In our international FinTech ecosystems haul, we have missed one particularly interesting market that has recently become a magnet for FinTech companies on their way to expansion. Israel’ FinTech ecosystem may not be the hottest one yet, but it certainly attracts significant attention as one that’s growing at an outstanding...

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15 Startups Disrupting the Car Insurance Industry

As InsuranceTech becomes one of the hottest FinTech sectors around the world, the growing numbers of bright entrepreneurs are looking to enter the race for a trillion-dollar industry disruption. Although January 2016 wasn’t particularly fruitful for InsuranceTech startups in terms of funds raised (1% of all funds raised within FinTech),...

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Fresh Fund of $55M Brings Bitcoin Startup Blockstream's Total Capital to $76M

SILICON VALLEY, Calif.,  [Press Release] - Blockstream, the leader in blockchain and related technologies, today announces that it has raised $55 million in Series A funding to bring next generation blockchain innovation to market using its sidechain technology, expand its operations globally, and support industry partners. The round is being led by...

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