31 Hottest Marketplace Lending Companies Killing Bank Credit

SoFi helps graduates of top-tier universities refinance student loans. The company focuses on student loans, mortgages and personal loans. Upstart is an online lending platform that uses data to bring together high-potential borrowers and investors. Upstart offers three-year, fixed-interest loans. Funds can be used for almost anything, including starting a...

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Authentication & Security

Cybersecurity: Who's a HoneyMonkey? What's a Zero-Day Attack? And Where's a Backdoor?

Cybersecurity is one of the most relevant and sensitive topics in the FinTech sector. Recent stories of data breaches across industries that have occurred with major players have left a bad aftertaste and made users extra cautious about sharing personal information. The situation with cybercrimes is so critical that cybersecurity may...

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What's Under Khosla Ventures' FinTech Hood?

Khosla Ventures is known to be one of the hottest FinTech investors in the US embracing promising ventures. The VC has a very interesting selection of FinTech players in the portfolio along with more than 200 other companies across segments. Khosla Ventures fuels companies at multiple stages including seed-, early-stage...

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15 LawTech Companies Breaking Down the Complexity of Legislation

The complexity of regulations and legislation around financial services has been a significant wall newcomers have been facing for a while now. Difficulty to bare regulatory burden brought up a new industry – RegTech. But even RegTech can’t really do much at this moment for FinTech companies seeking to comply...

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At Least 20 Robo-Advisors Can Leave a Human Unemployed

SigFig provides an easy way to manage money by allowing to simply connect accounts. The service then will tailor a portfolio based on users’ goals. It delivers reports and guidance to more than 800,000 investors, tracking over $350 billion. Robinhood is a commission-free, mobile-first stock brokerage. It started with the...

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Why It's Time Businesses Take Selfies Seriously

As bizarre as it may sound for established businesses, it’s time we take selfies seriously. Advancements in smartphone camera quality have transformed the way we interact with the world. DSLR camera owners have been robbed of the privilege to be called professional photographers as any phone owner now is a...

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