FinTech is Making the World a Better Place for Migrants

As globalization is gaining momentum, not only are the lines between FinTech sectors are getting blurred, but each of us is becoming a citizen of the world. However, formal and legal borders still exist. Legal complexities sometimes hold companies back from the opportunity to go global. FinTech represents a new...

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Nasdaq Linq Just Enabled First-Ever Private Securities Issuance Using Blockchain

Today Nasdaq announced in an official statement that its blockchain ledger technology, Linq, was able to successfully complete and record a private securities transaction - the first of its kind using blockchain technology.  Blockchain startup Chain documented the issuance of shares to a private investor using Nasdaq's blockchain-enabled technology. This...

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What We Learned About Remittance Industry in 2015, in Charts

The article provides you with a flashback of the major touchpoints for the remittance segment in 2015. The initial wave of innovation was leveraging digital technology to reduce the cost of sending money abroad. The usage of online channels and mobile has led to multiple startups, payment channels, instruments and...

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Bankers Whose Captivating Tweets Kept FinTech Supercharged

In this article, LTP covers bank professionals (including venture arm of banks) who are social influencers in the FinTech space. These banking influencers have given FinTech a new path with their innovative ideas and thoughts. Oliver Bussmann: Oliver Bussmann is Group CIO at UBS. He is a global IT executive...

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Can Global Banks Regain Power in the Financial Services Industry?

The year 2015 wasn’t particularly about banks, but it certainly was about FinTech. As bright entrepreneurs found traditional players’ vulnerability when it comes to implementing innovation, FinTech startups saw a dramatic rise and success. Free from legacy systems and strict regulatory pressure, FinTech startups along with tech giants rapidly jumped...

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