The Most Important Things to Know About Australia's FinTech

While exploring the hottest FinTech hubs around the world we couldn’t pass by Australia as its FinTech industry is seeing breathtaking growth and provides outstanding opportunities. According to WSJ, Australia in 2014 was on the third place by the investment fund assets size with $1.6 trillion ready to fuel the...

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Enabling Technologies

Exclusive Interview With Sam Rehman, CTO of Arxan Technologies: In-Depth Insights on HCE Security, HCE vs. NFC and Android Pay

With the launch of Android Pay in September 2015, Google responded to Apple Pay after a full long year. However, unlike Apple, not all Android devices are NFC-enabled. HCE, or host card emulation, is a cloud-based protocol that promises to simplify mobile contactless payment implementations and has successfully been acting...

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Authentication & Security

FinTech Startup from UK Wins the Fintech Finals 2016 in Hong Kong

FinTech again proved that it provides endless opportunities for innovation across industries! This great potential was demonstrated by London-based FinTech startup Everledger, a permanent diamond certification and related transaction history ledger, which acts as verification for insurance companies, owners and law enforcement, by being recognized as the ‘Best in Show’...

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