Bankers Whose Captivating Tweets Kept FinTech Supercharged

In this article, LTP covers bank professionals (including venture arm of banks) who are social influencers in the FinTech space. These banking influencers have given FinTech a new path with their innovative ideas and thoughts. Oliver Bussmann: Oliver Bussmann is Group CIO at UBS. He is a global IT executive...

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Can Global Banks Regain Power in the Financial Services Industry?

The year 2015 wasn’t particularly about banks, but it certainly was about FinTech. As bright entrepreneurs found traditional players’ vulnerability when it comes to implementing innovation, FinTech startups saw a dramatic rise and success. Free from legacy systems and strict regulatory pressure, FinTech startups along with tech giants rapidly jumped...

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Philippine Digital Payments Startup Ayannah Raised $3 M

Digital commerce and payment startup Ayannah has recently raised up to $3 million in a latest funding round, which bringing its total equity funding to about $8.3 million. In an interview with DEALSTREETASIA, Ayannah’s Founder and CEO Mikko Perez said that the investors were Life.SREDA, 500 Startups, Beenos, Beenext, Golden...

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Principal Figures Who Changed Jobs in FinTech

In this  article, LTP talks about the big job switches that have happened in the FinTech space. Eminent bankers have moved from mainstream banking to open or head FinTech startups. The sectors in FinTech where we have seen job movements are segments like bitcoin, blockchain, remittance and mobile payments. Sir...

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