The Rise of Chatbots in Payments in 2018

There has been a massive surge in the popularity of using instant messengers to provide online customer support and chatbot work. Even in the banking industry, which is notoriously conservative, have been entering the space in droves to increase customer satisfaction and lower costs. Chatbots have found their way into...

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Enabling Technologies

FinTech Ecosystem in Singapore – Documentary

“Singapore is like Switzerland of Asia – you have a lot of money here, and people are well experienced in the money management/banking industry. So for startups to come here and start innovating, coming up with new ideas – it’s a perfect place,” said Keir Veskiväli, Founder of Smartly. “Singapore’s...

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Daily Review: How PayPal’s Braintree Plans to Win in the Payments Industry

In payments, like in most other FinTech segments, the comprehensiveness of services leads to convenience for the end-user and businesses. The culture of convenience led consumers to a strong preference of most seamless experiences, encompassing various aspects of every payment – security of information, loyalty points, rewards, pay-to-purchase time, merchant...

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