The Power of Usage-Based Pricing

The power of habitual usage Modern consumers are experiential omnivores continuously seeking for better experiences. Delightful experiences built by technology companies set the level of expectations yet to be matched by the traditional sector, which is gradually evolving from a highly transactional nature of relationships to building addictive usage habits....

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FinTech Without Borders

Brett King and Jason Henrichs talk with their international guests about trends in FinTech and how these advances will spread across regions. Jason is joined by Amit Goel, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer at MEDICI to discuss FinTech funding – in June 2018, FinTech startups around the world raised $3.764...

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H1 2018 Global FinTech Investments Round-Up

The year 2018 is proving to be an explosive one for global FinTech investments: the global FinTech community has raised more than $61.86 billion in a combination of VC/PE investments and acquisitions/buyouts in H1 2018. In terms of YoY growth, global FinTech VC/PE funding grew by a staggering 150%, from...

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Financial Inclusion

The Impact of Microfinance

How poor is the world? In 2013, 10.7% of the world’s population lived on less than US$1.90 a day. By fall 2015, for the first time in history, less than 10% of the world’s population was living in extreme poverty — down from 37% in 1990 and 44% in 1981....

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How to Engage the New Generation of Investors

As Generation X hits its prime earning years, and millennials enter into the workforce, they’re taking center stage as the new generation of investors. Technology has not only altered the way individuals shop for products and services but also the way they interact with the companies who are selling these...

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Insurance Innovation Through Data

There is a magical Swedish company that many people don’t know about. It’s a mobile micro-insurer which provides small-ticket insurance in emerging markets where mobile penetration is relatively high, and insurance coverage is very low. By providing insurance through mobile subscription in target markets, it has seen amazing growth since...

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Retail Banking

11 Major Risks Faced by Banks in 2018 and Beyond

Over the decades, the financial services industry has undergone significant transformation due to internal and external factors, including business model transformation, adoption of advanced technologies, changing regulatory environments, etc. Modern banking sector is a highly complex ecosystem, where stakeholders of different backgrounds — internet, tech companies, startups — play an...

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Designing Delightful Banking Experiences

“Good services are verbs, bad services are nouns,” the UK Government states. “To a user, a service is something that helps them to do something – like learn to drive, buy a house, or become a childminder. Notice these are all verbs.” For a variety of reasons, the financial services...

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