Overview of Proximity Payments in India

The penetration of proximity payments using mobile phones or NFC cards is still in the infant stage in India. The fundamental issue with proximity payments is the lack of necessary infrastructure for mobile payment acceptance. The total number of POS terminals in India is less than one million, which equates...

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Bitcoin & the 2 Schools of Thought

As bitcoin gained popularity in the FinTech industry, there have been two schools of thought regarding this virtual currency world. There are some users who are pretty confident and bullish about bitcoin, that the currency holds the potential of changing the FinTech environment. On the other hand, seeing the fluctuations...

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Authentication & Security

Exclusive Interview With CMO and Director, Payment Strategy at Thales E-Security

LTP recently had the opportunity to interview Jose Diaz, Director, Payment Strategy and Peter Galvin, Chief Marketing Officer, Mobile, Cloud & Security Technologies at Thales e-Security at Money 20/20 2015. Thales e-Security is a global provider of data protection solutions with more than 40 years’ experience in securing the world’s...

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Microsoft Shakes Hands With Blockchain Venture ConsenSys to Develop Ethereum Blockchain-As-A-Service Products

American multinational technology company Microsoft entered the domain of bitcoin by partnering with ConsenSys, a blockchain venture. Both the companies will be working to develop new Ethereum blockchain-as-a-service products and new tools for Microsoft’s cloud-based service platform Azure. According to the press release, the flagship offering will include BlockApps Strato...

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Blockchain Technology - Decentralized Disruption - A Primer

"The blockchain is one of the most important innovations in the history of finance. Removing the middleman will transform how we transact, finance projects, and distribute capital" said Brian Kelly, investor and author of The Bitcoin Big Bang. Why blockchain? Blockchain technology enables bilateral settlement by eliminating midpoint failures, delays, collateral costs, and minimizes credit risks...

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Authentication & Security

Stock Market Manipulation. Can Fraud Now Be Detected Using Social Media?

Fintech firm teams up with ex-military intel and ex-NASA artificial intelligence personnel to detect and identify fraudulent pump and dump on stocks. NEW YORK, [Press Release] - HedgeChatter, a global leader in social media analysis for the stock market, releases its market manipulation service allowing investors and traders to uncover stocks being...

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Enabling Technologies

Ingenico Payment Services and Bancontact/Mister Cash Team Up to Optimize Mobile Shopping Experience

[Press Release] Ingenico Group, global leader in seamless payment, announced that Ingenico Payment Services has rolled out the Bancontact/Mister Cash mobile solution for its global merchants within the Belgian market. Mobile payment with the Bancontact app enables consumers to safely pay for items or services using their mobile devices, without...

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Sensibill™ Brings Digital Receipts to Canada’s Retail Banks

Solutions Provider Partners with a number of Canada’s Banks to revolutionize receipt management for digital banking TORONTO - [Press Release] - Retaining and managing paper receipts has been a cumbersome chore for many Canadians until now. Sensibill Inc. (Sensibill), a premier solutions provider of digital receipt services announces it will...

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