Consumer Credit – What’s Your White Space Strategy?

Lost in the headline-grabbing news events of January 2018 (including Davos, the Budget, India-South Africa cricket series, and the stock market) was another RBI update on bank credit. While certainly not as interesting as the other topics it had a notable piece of information: consumer lending rose 17.3% in November...

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Authentication & Security

Daily Review: Instant Authentication Gets Global Push, Establishing Next-Gen Security & UX Standards

Identity management and security standards cannot remain stagnant when consumers demand a better UX for the financial products and digital services they use. User experience with authentication can become a breaking point between a successful conversion and missed revenue opportunity for businesses across industries. Fortunately, the pioneer and undisputed leader...

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Italy: Towards a Register For Cryptocurrencies Operators

Anticipating the EU bodies on the AML duties regarding cryptocurrencies operators, on May 2017, the Italian legislator with Legislative Decree no. 90/2017 introduced – among others – provisions specifically addressing virtual money service providers. In the context of the above-mentioned legislative decree, virtual money service providers are defined as “<…>...

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Daily Review: Factors Driving FinTech Growth in India

“India has made a good beginning and is moving in the right direction, but to be a powerful force in FinTech innovation globally, we need to develop a strong ecosystem,” [says] (http://knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu/article/whats-driving-indias-fintech-boom/) [Prantik Ray] (http://acad.xlri.ac.in/facprofile/index.php?185), Professor of Finance at XLRI – Xavier School of Management. Extensive and rich on examples,...

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From PPIs to UPI – Indian Mobile Payments Are Evolving

India has emerged as one of the most exciting markets for digital payments across the globe. People have increasingly begun to use cashless channels and are proactively encouraged by the innovation happening in this space. UPI has been a game changer for digital payments, as indicated by its astonishing growing...

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The New Era of Crypto Wealth Management

[Cyrus Fazel] (https://www.linkedin.com/in/cyrusfazelmrfintech/), Founder & CEO of Swissborg, shares his vision of a world where private banking is accessible to everyone, and how technology (trusted networks, in particular), will transform the wealth management industry and existing business models.

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Blockchain Technology – The New Foundation of Effective & Transparent Supply Chain Management

Consumers know surprisingly little about most of the products in everyday use. A highly connected and extensive network of retailers, distributors, transporters, storage facilities, and suppliers stand between individuals and products they consume. An average consumer only gets to enjoy the end result of design, production, delivery, and sales process...

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