Mobile POS Providers Haven't Reached A Tipping Point Yet

Every day, small businesses are inundated with yet another service or device to process payments, claiming to make “this one” better, faster and more secure than the “last one.” Merchants, cashiers and clerks are finding themselves just as frustrated with the same payment technologies that were intended to make life...

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Enabling Technologies

Samsung Pay Advantage Significantly Expands Mobile Payment Merchant Acceptance and Drives Consumer Adoption

 [Press Release]: Samsung Electronics Co., Inc., announced Samsung Pay U.S. consumer usage data, new features, and partnerships at Money 20/20 in Las Vegas, adding more momentum to the most accepted mobile payment system. Just four weeks after its launch in the U.S., Samsung Pay is proving its biggest advantage is broad acceptance...

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Enabling Technologies

OmnyPay Unveils Omni-Channel Mobile Payments Solution Aimed at Retailers

Company’s Integrated Mobile Loyalty, Rewards and Payment System Helps Large Retailers Drive Sales, Reduce Costs and Gain Control Over the Customer Experience [Press Release] - OmnyPay, the retail-friendly mobile payment platform, today announced the first integrated mobile loyalty, rewards and payment system designed specifically for retailers. OmnyPay enters the mobile payments...

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Exclusive Interview With Chris Kitze, CEO of Safe.Cash, on the Future of Digital Currency and Challenges Related to Its Adoption

Safe Cash is a digital payment technology that is available to banks, merchants and consumers worldwide. The company is focusing on cash and providing solutions to retain its benefits: immediate settlement, non-repudiation and privacy. To these benefits, Safe Cash adds the immediacy and worldwide distribution of electronic transmission and an...

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Exclusive Interview With Richard Witkowski, CEO of HalCash, on Real-Time Cardless Cash and Launch of Cardless Cash Solution Pin4 in the US

The LTP team recently had the pleasure of interviewing Richard Witkowski, Chief Executive Officer of HalCash. Richard shared with the LTP team news about launching cardless cash solution Pin4 in the US. Here is a transcript of the interview with Richard: LTP: "Real-time cardless cash" is what it says on your...

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Authentication & Security

Exclusive Interview With Mark Frey, COO of Cambridge Global Payments, on Automated Payable Solutions and the Launch of Cambridge Link, an Intuitive Trading and Payments Platform

Cambridge Global Payments is a leading provider of integrated cross-border payment services and risk management solutions. The LTP team interviewed Mark Frey, COO of Cambridge Global Payments, on the Automated Payable Solutions Cambridge offers. Mark shared very interesting insights on the industry trends as well as company's plans and Money...

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Payfone Authentications Grow 340% Since June 2015; Forecasts to Process More Than 3 Billion Authentications in 2016

[Press release]: Payfone, a leading Mobile Authentication company that helps financial services customers identify their mobile users, announced strong growth statistics from the Money20/20 event in Las Vegas. Since June of 2015, authentications processed by Payfone have grown by 340% Payfone expects this rate of growth to continue, resulting in...

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