Daily Review: How Will the Bank-FinTech Narrative End?

The ability to develop and adopt advanced technological solutions has been widely attributed to the startup community rather than to corporate players (banks, insurers, etc.). The year 2018 and the years ahead will be very different – corporations are gradually taking over the game by either aggressively pressuring startups in...

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Building the Future of Banking in the CEE Region Through Collaborative Innovation – Interview with Hannes Cizek, Head of Group Digital Banking, Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI)

In an age where collaboration is key to success in the financial services industry, banks and technology providers are looking to build deeper relationships with FinTechs. The task at hand is not an easy one – the total number of FinTechs in the industry today stands at more than 11,000,...

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4 Ways Modern Credit Is Solving Omnichannel Retail Challenges

Innovation in the retail industry has always been linked to the evolution of payments, especially the use of consumer credit. But the birth of e-commerce in the late 1990s and the emergence of mobile-first, digitally-native consumers has made it increasingly hard for retailers to attract and convert shoppers. While previous...

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Daily Review: Asia – World’s Cradle of Futuristic Development

Modern cross-industry champions made choices that guided them to leading positions, but as environments around the world rapidly change, every organization needs to re-evaluate its stance on every front. Even a very powerful conglomerate like Alibaba must continuously and aggressively transform their strategies to respond to rising competition and rapid...

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How European Banks Are Using RegTech Solutions

Large US and European banks are spending $20 billion a year on technology to help them comply with newly evolving regulations such as MiFID and PSD2. With regulatory environments becoming increasingly complex, 300+ million pages of regulatory documents will be published by 2020 & 600+ legislative initiatives need to be...

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