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4 Payment Solutions for Airlines

Payments industry is booming and touching every other industry. Companies are trying to launch new services and features every day to solve payment problems in various sectors. On land, many solutions are there for accepting contactless payments, but the sky's the limit. To make the customer experience of traveling by...

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Technology Services Firms Building Blockchain Expertise

Banks have been exploring the multiple ways they can benefit from blockchain. And major IT service providers do not want to be left behind. They are investing and extensively researching into the various possible solutions that the technology could be leveraged into. Here is a list of IT companies that...

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Why LatAm Banks Will Embrace FinTech

There is a technological shift happening in financial services around the globe and it’s asking some big questions about Latin America’s banking sector. From Silicon Valley to Madrid and Sao Paulo to Mexico City, financial institutions are partnering with a growing group of third-party specialists called FinTechs, or financial technology...

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RBC Enables HCE-Based Payments in North America

The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), the largest bank in Canada, has become the first bank in North America to go live with host card emulation-enabled (HCE) payments. HCE allows customers to use any near field communication-enabled (NFC) Android phone to pay at a point-of-sale with the RBC Mobile app...

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