New Wallets Launched in India: SpiceMudra & XPay; and Visa Shuts M Payments Venture

Spice Digital Launches Prepaid Mobile Wallet SpiceMudra Spice Digital, a subsidiary of Spice Connect, has launched its prepaid mobile wallet SpiceMudra which will mainly focus on domestic remittances and enterprise payments. The company has recently received a semi-closed prepaid payments wallet license from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in...

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Global FinTech-Focused Accelerator Programs

FinTech investments have grown by more than 200% between 2013-14, and the first half of 2015 also has seen increasing investments into FinTech. The number of accelerator programs has also been increasing with banks being major sponsors for many. Apart from accelerator programs, there have been innovation labs, incubators and...

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Enabling Technologies

Braintree vs Stripe: Facts and User views

Braintree and Stripe are the two leading developer-friendly payment processors, that have transformed the world of payments processing. What used to be a cumbersome process of contracts, negotiations (if you were lucky enough to be able to do so) and integrations, not to mention the unexplainable delays in getting paid...

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Enabling Technologies

PayPal Offers a New Omnichannel Payment Experience at Macy's

With rising consumer expectations around shopping and commerce, enabling multiple mobile payment platforms in a retail environment is vital to the customer experience. Payments have evolved over the years from cash to plastic and now mobile wallets are gaining popularity. When merchants accept mobile payments, consumers can streamline their time at the...

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Authentication & Security

TCDisrupt 2015: FinTech Showcase

Disrupt 2015, one of the world’s biggest tech events is underway right now in San Francisco. With the tagline “Startups Start Here”, TechCrunch Disrupt 2015 brings together industry influencers, top CEOs and thought leaders in the tech space at one place and enables a valuable discussion on upcoming trends in...

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