ePlumbing Is What We Need to Build for a Truly Cashless Society

There are several enabling components that are required across all personalized transactions, whether they are for finance, retail, health, education or government. The components that should be considered by corporates and governments while developing a payments infrastructure are: The ability to aggregate disparate domains Allow transaction over all channels and...

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Enabling Technologies

Stripe Now Supports China's Most Popular Online Payment Method, Adds 500 Million New Customers to Its Portfolio

Stripe, a California-based online payments company, has recently announced its support for Alipay, China’s largest payment processor for checking out. Stripe users can sell to 500 million new customers by accepting payments through Alipay. Stripe is headquartered in San Francisco and has over 210 employees working for the company. It...

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Authentication & Security

Mobile Payment Strategy—the Next Stage for FIs and Credit Unions, Says a 2014 Survey of FIs in Five Federal Reserve Districts

The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston had recently published a report based on the survey on mobile banking and payments practices followed by banks and credit unions in five Federal Reserve Districts: Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Minneapolis, and Richmond. The survey was conducted in the third quarter of 2014 with the...

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An Interview with the Founder of Blockchain Company Otonomos

Among the various use cases of blockchain, Otonomos—a brainchild of FinTech entrepreneur Han Verstraete—is looking at building a “blockchain-chartered company”. With Otonomos, you can incorporate your company by simply opening a digital share wallet on the blockchain. Once opened, you can transfer shares peer-to-peer, e.g. to investors, or even to...

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SBI Flies to Bengaluru to Catch up With the Disruptive Players in the Financial Services Industry

State Bank of India, the nation's biggest lender, is taking steps to understand its tech-savvy rivals for which a team led by SBI Chairman Arundhati Bhattacharya visited startup hub Bengaluru and attended a session on how disruptive technologies and fledgling ventures were taking over the financial services industry. SBI is looking to engage with...

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Parkmobile Gains New Momentum, with the Announced Appointment of Jon Ziglar as CEO

Earlier this week, Parkmobile, LLC announced the appointment of Jon Ziglar as Chief Executive Officer. The new CEO has an impressive background in technology-enabled service businesses, product innovation and experience in global payments technology. Jon Ziglar has the potential to steer Parkmobile into overdrive, all while leaving your car, the...

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Venmo Just Got Better With Its New Feature

As Venmo already made life easier with free and instant P2P transactions for everyone, it is now taking a step further to offer group payments feature in its app. Venmo’s new feature will allow users to create a group account to make group transactions easier, faster and hassle free. Venmo...

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