Where Are We Really With Bitcoin?

There is a plethora of articles written about Bitcoin every week. I find it difficult to see all of its legs at once, whether it be one article or a few. Some people have asked me this question - "Where are we really with Bitcoin?" I thought of answering it today with...

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Enabling Technologies

14 Analytics Case Studies for Retailers

Carrefour & Esri’s ArcGIS Carrefour Group is a world leader in distribution and retail with more than 15,000 company-operated or franchised stores. It implemented a worldwide platform for geomarketing using Esri’s ArcGIS platform together with Galigeo’s Location Intelligence software. The solution combines key business data with spatial location to improve...

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What Will Happen to MCX Going Forward?

The US based retail consortium Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX), which boasts big retailers as its members, is clearly struggling with its payments initiatives. A few months ago, on Sept 3rd 2014, MCX unveiled CurrentC — the brand for its new payment network. It came after a long wait and certainly after...

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Can Hedge Fund Management Be Disrupted? #AI #Automation

Hedge Funds are basically alternative investment tools that use pooled funds and incorporate a number of strategies in order to earn active returns for their investors. Hedge Funds are aggressively managed with the goal of generating high returns, which does require a competitive advantage, clearly defined investment strategies, adequate capitalization,...

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