Two FinTech Innovators Join Forces to Enrich Digital Banking Experience

Backbase, the next generation digital banking software vendor, and MX, the fintech provider behind award-winning digital money management (DMM) and personal finance management (PFM) software, have announced a new partnership to enrich digital banking experiences for community and regional financial institutions in North America. As one of the fastest-growing financial...

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WeFinance - Making Way for Modern Lending

Many lending companies distribute loans based on the credit scores of applicants, which makes applying for a loan an arduous process. Therefore, people tend to find alternative ways to raise money that usually involves paying high interest rates. This can become a huge burden for the recipients, leaving them with...

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Bitcoin, Watch Out! There’s a “Neu” Coin in Town

NeuCoin (noo-koin), the newest contender to enter the cryptocurrency ring, is soon to arrive at a computer near you — but NeuCoin isn’t just looking to enter the space, it’s goal is to come in guns blazing with a specific target in its crosshairs: Bitcoin. Derived from Sunny King’s Peercoin...

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Authentication & Security

Is Facial Recognition for Payments Going Mainstream?

Authentication techniques are the key to safer payments, especially in the card-not-present situations as in mobile payments. Several manufacturers are trying different ways to provide safer payment environments such as the fingerprint identification in Apple iPhone or the retina scanning offered by several other manufacturers. Another verification technique which many...

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Financial Inclusion

Two Leading Lending Players Team Up #Prosper #OnDeck

Prosper Marketplace, which operates one of the largest privately held online marketplaces for credit, and On Deck Capital, a leading platform for small business loans, have jointly announced a strategic partnership aimed at helping both people and businesses find the loans that best meets their needs. Under the partnership, Prosper...

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