What Will Happen to MCX Going Forward?

The US based retail consortium Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX), which boasts big retailers as its members, is clearly struggling with its payments initiatives. A few months ago, on Sept 3rd 2014, MCX unveiled CurrentC — the brand for its new payment network. It came after a long wait and certainly after...

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Can Hedge Fund Management Be Disrupted? #AI #Automation

Hedge Funds are basically alternative investment tools that use pooled funds and incorporate a number of strategies in order to earn active returns for their investors. Hedge Funds are aggressively managed with the goal of generating high returns, which does require a competitive advantage, clearly defined investment strategies, adequate capitalization,...

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Enabling Technologies

MasterCard Wants to be at the Forefront of Innovation by Partnering with Startups

MasterCard recently announced the expansion of its intellectual property relationship with First Performance Global. With this, MasterCard will be acquiring an equity stake in First Performance Global. The two financial service providers will begin by working to increase First Performance’s ability to offer payment card issuers and processors self-service tools...

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Financial Inclusion

Top 5 challenges of APAC FinTech startups

This article was first published by Markus Gnirck as a LinkedIn post. He is the Co-founder & Global COO of Startupbootcamp FinTech, an accelerator focused on financial innovation. People ask us why we have chosen the 10 FinTech teams in particular for the Startupbootcamp FinTech 2015 Singapore accelerator. Obviously there is not an...

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Barclays Launches £100 Million Fund to Support U.K. Tech Companies

In recent years, interest in mobile payments, e-commerce and fintech startups in general has increased at an exponential rate. Many established financial institutions, card networks, and mobile network operators (MNOs) are diving head first into this domain. Aside from creating branches dedicated to the development of their own technologies in...

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Tencent’s OS - Connecting Internet of Things & Mobile Payments

The Internet of Things (IOT) is truly taking centerstage with manufacturers introducing smart devices and devices integrated with payments. Tencent, a leading tech company that owns China’s largest social network, QQ, and the widely used messaging app WeChat, has introduced its mobile operating systems “TOS" and "TOS+”, which operate on multiple...

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