The Future is Coming Very Soon - From QSR to Retail

Albert Einstein said: "I never think of the future - it comes soon enough." From QSR to Retail, payments in this realm is changing at a rapid pace. With ongoing changes in customers’ expectations, traditional retailers want to change their business approach. The retail revolution is bringing in context-based services,...

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Facebook: It’s Time for Payments!

I’ve been an advocate of Facebook getting into payments for a long time. Back then, skeptics would argue that Facebook had tried and failed (remember Facebook credits?), so Facebook would never again foray into the world of payments. Yet here we are today, with Facebook announcing its Pay feature in...

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It's Time Swiss Watch Makers Start Thinking About Watch Payments

Swatch, the popular Swiss watchmaker, is coming up with a new line of smart watches that will incorporate NFC to enable mobile payments, as reported by AppleInsider. Swatch has already established partnerships with the bank card association China UnionPay, a Swiss bank, and a major credit card provider, as reported...

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Banks are Exiting the Remittance Business

The global remittance business is $500+ billion strong. However, this broad market belies a less than rosy outlook for the business. Different geographies display very different trends in remittances and an analysis of these trends shows that problems are beginning to arise in this space. These problems are due to...

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4 Big Payments News Alerts from India

India is certainly not restraining itself when it comes to adopting the next generation of payment tools and systems. With the current favorable regulatory environment, banks and other stakeholders in the payments ecosystem are now leveraging this opportunity to come up with both consumer and business oriented payment solutions. Here are...

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