Authentication & Security

The Data Breaches that Haunt the Payments Industry

The estimated volume of third party fraud cases in 2013 was 34.1 billion, with a value of $6.7 billion USD. The total value of general-purpose card-not-present payments (including general-purpose credit, debit, and prepaid) has been rising at an annual growth rate of 16%. With the global e-commerce market forecast to grow...

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PayPal Here Gets a Major Update #NFC #ApplePay

PayPal has announced the launch of a new Tap and Go enabled version of its popular ‘PayPal Here’ Chip and PIN card reader. The PayPal Here app turns a smartphone into a complete payments solution, allowing businesses to capture every sale, regardless of the payment method. Coupled with the new...

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Who in the US Receives Cards With EMV Chips First? conducted a poll recently revealing that the rich are receiving credit cards containing EMV chips before the less wealthy. EMV is the most recent advancement to combat fraud. Cards with EMV or chip and signature are very secure and some may also require a pin entry for transactions instead...

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Enabling Technologies

Paydiant: Another Boston Startup Acquired by PayPal

PayPal has welcomed Paydiant into their family.  Paydiant is a 2010-born, Boston-bred mobile, cloud-based payments platform. Paydiant is the back end of the technology that offers sellers (retailers) their own personal mobile payment options under their own brands and also within their own applications.  This allows merchants to be in...

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