LTP Studio Presents "The Cashless Society"

In this first episode of our at -home podcast series, "The Cashless Society", we'll try to understand "Cashless" as a concept and how it is different from cash replacement. With Mehul Desai as our special guest, we will figure out why cashless has been an elusive dream. Take a listen! While...

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The Q1 2015 Results of Top Banks; Positive, but Where do They go Next?

Considering the first-quarter 2015 earnings of the six largest banks in U.S., the numbers are indeed mind-boggling. There might be some financially intensive factors behind these numbers, but we believe there’s more to it than just that. Many revolutionary initiatives in the world of banking result in massive growth. First, let's...

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Uber Starts New Era of Mobile Brand Based Offers

Uber is revamping its strategies for the technology based generation. The company is experimenting with multiple ways to provide a better taxi experience to its customers by simplifying booking and payment, and by providing offers and loyalty points. It has already achieved its initial milestone of simplifying the payment experience through...

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An Advanced Fitness Tracker That Pays!

It is amazing to see the advancement of technology to a level where a payment is done via a fitness band. Jawbone’s UP4 lets users pay for goods and services by just tapping their fitness band on the payment device. Jawbone is the first company to include mobile payment capabilities inside...

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This Dutch Startup has Come Up with a New Payment Terminal for Bitcoin

Bitstraat is now targeting the merchant space with its new handheld bitcoin payment terminal called “The Handheld”. Bitstraat already serves as a middleman and links bitcoin accepting merchants with bitcoin payment processors such as BitPay. The terminal comes in two different models - one with a conventional keyboard and the...

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BBVA Acquires Spring Studio for Digital Banking Initiatives

The acquisition is another step by BBVA to lead digital banking amid the rapidly changing landscape of financial services, marked by new customer demands and the entrance of digital-only players. BBVA believes that design is fundamental to the success of the business, and is investing in it to make it...

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Team One Credit Union & MShift Pilot Mobile Payments

Team One Credit Union, Saginaw, MI and MShift, have begun pilot testing MShift's patented AnyWhereMobile mobile payment network with a locally owned restaurant in Saginaw. MShift is positioning AnyWhereMobile as an alternative to Apple Pay, Google Wallet & PayPal mobile payments. By offering AnyWhereMobile, Team One drastically lowers interchange fees for...

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