Enabling Technologies

GlobalCollect Introduces New Mobile Commerce Solutions

GlobalCollect, an Ingenico Group company and the world’s most knowledgeable payment service provider, today announced a range of mobile solutions to help online merchants optimize the consumer mobile device experience, reduce the number of clicks required for a mobile payment, and increase conversion of mobile visitors into revenue. Mobile devices...

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CARDFREE Partners with Bluedot Innovation to Bring Location based Commerce Services to Restaurants in U.S.

CARDFREE, the leading mobile commerce provider to large merchants, announced that it has entered into an exclusive agreement to use Bluedot Innovation’s revolutionary location services technology at restaurants in the U.S. Bluedot Innovation is enabling a new generation of location-based commerce through its cutting-edge technology that delivers 20x the precision...

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Around the World in One Infographic, Online Payments

Not all countries have credit cards as the predominant payment method when paying for goods and services online. Payment methods can be quite diverse from country to country. The infographic below displays the different online payment methods of 29 countries around the world. The infographic has been developed as a...

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Texas-Based First United Bank Launches Efficient Person-to-Person Payments System Through Malauzai Software and Payveris

First United Bank, a $1.2 billion Dimmit, Texas-based community bank, has announced that it will be providing next-day person-to-person (P2P) payments in its online and mobile banking SmartApp. This is being accomplished with the help of the two payments software companies Malauzai Software and Payveris. Malauzai, a software company that...

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Authentication & Security

The Data Breaches that Haunt the Payments Industry

The estimated volume of third party fraud cases in 2013 was 34.1 billion, with a value of $6.7 billion USD. The total value of general-purpose card-not-present payments (including general-purpose credit, debit, and prepaid) has been rising at an annual growth rate of 16%. With the global e-commerce market forecast to grow...

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