The Next Chapter in Our Journey

Five years ago, hosting the first ever Money20/20 event, we could see something coming… a confluence of industries, the adoption of mobile and open platforms, a focus on new business models empowered by technology… today we call it FinTech! In the years since, we continued the journey with Let’s Talk...

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8 Game Changers Providing Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) Platforms

With an increasing number of enterprises expressing interest in distributed ledger technology, tech companies are rushing to meet the demand. To democratize blockchain technology, Microsoft, IBM, Deloitte, and now Baidu and Tencent, have developed their own platforms offering blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS). Let’s look at three examples of BaaS solutions taking enterprise-grade...

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Enabling Technologies

How Insurers Are Applying Machine Learning

Just like financial institutions, insurers are no strangers to leveraging advanced technologies in various aspects of the business. Some of the practical applications of machine learning in the insurance industry include managing broker business, optimizing direct marketing, understanding quote conversion, computing optimal pricing, detecting fraud, claims triage, predicting litigation, targeting...

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