Enabling Technologies

23 Examples of How the Most Powerful Institutions Are Leveraging Machine Learning

Machine learning and artificial intelligence will become the most defining technologies in banking and beyond, which led some of the most powerful institutions to seek partnerships, investments, and in-house developments to take advantage of application potential of machine learning and AI. Let’s look at a collection of examples of how...

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Enabling Technologies

Behavior-Centric Future of Commerce

Rapid cross-industry digitization has significant impact on how businesses operate and grow – from the very business model (only-only banks), to the ways they acquire and interact with customers (Alibaba’s revenue from core commerce topped $11 billion in Q4 2017), and expand to international markets (like Discover does, by building...

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Authentication & Security

Daily Review: The Future of Authentication Is Mobile, Instant, and Already Here

Customer expectations are often running ahead of the available options, creating a gap for innovators to fill. In the financial services industry, the speed of service delivery without security and quality compromise became a cornerstone of the development of highly competitive alternatives to institutional portfolios. A significant part of the...

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How to Start a Movement Using the Blockchain Technology

How to start a community-based business, and even a movement, using distributed ledger technology? Jeremias Grenzebach, Co-Founder & Core Developer at Dentacoin, a blockchain solution for the global dental industry, explores the opportunity of turning an idea from a startup into a movement by utilizing the advantages of distributed systems....

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From Lost Opportunities to Unfair Advantages in the Insurance Industry – Bridging the Gap with Technology

Efficient data management – The cornerstone of innovation in the insurance industry The insurance industry is constantly changing to accommodate complicated new regulations and a changing competitive landscape. As data-driven insights become increasingly precise and personal, insurance companies are able to offer more customized products to consumers with greater efficiency....

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