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How Conversational AI Defines the Future of Finance – Exclusive Interview With Zor Gorelov, CEO of Kasisto

AI could boost banks’ revenues by 3.4% and cut costs by 3.9% over the next three years, UBS says. While AI-powered technologies – assistants, advisors, bots – have significant challenges to overcome, entrepreneurs like the one I had a pleasure to interview recently, move the industry forward by introducing the...

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Holiday 101: Recognizing Fraud How to Beat It

The holidays are a major stress test for professionals supporting the retail pipeline. Every year, e-commerce retailers (eTailers) vow to fight the wave of holiday fraud better than the year before without turning away good business. Now they must also prepare to defend themselves against more overall fraud attacks; they...

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20 Blockchain-Focused Startup Accelerators as Unconventional as Technology

As the blockchain-focused community of entrepreneurs expands worldwide, so does the ecosystem aimed to support and nurture top-performing solutions. Being FinTech-focused is not enough – experienced professionals are branching out to blockchain-focused entities, incubating and accelerating development and deployment of DLT-based solutions across industries. Adel Adel is a global cryptocurrency...

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