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What are the most pressing issues (and biggest opportunities) in payments and commerce innovation?

LTP has covered a wide spectrum of topics in payments and commerce globally for more than a year. We have covered everything from the ever-popular mobile wallets to financial inclusion in emerging economies, and everything in between. We have covered the most anticipated happenings in Cupertino to the least visible...

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Proximity Marketing got a shot in the arm

In what has been one of the major breakthroughs in location based shopping space, SK Telecom announced recently that it will acquire Shopkick Inc. SK Telecom is a wireless telecommunications service provider in South Korea. We believe this move is the company’s effort to capture a significant share of fast...

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Nubank launches credit card, announces fundraising

Nubank is a Brazilian start-up focused on financial services. The company announced its arrival on the world stage with two major developments: fundraising of $ 14.3 Mn and launch of a platinum credit card that can be managed using a mobile app. The company said that the funding round was...

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Here comes the Bank of Walmart

Walmart is teaming up with Green Dot to establish a new financial service. Walmart is planning to supply checking accounts to valid customer by collaborating with Green Dot, known for its prepaid payment cards. Walmart is positioning the service as a low cost alternative to traditional banking. Walmart intends not...

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Ripple goes from Strength to Strength, adds 2 U.S. Banks

Ripple Lab wants to show that virtual currencies like Bitcoin are well tested and extremely secure and customers need to trust them in order to make the most of the upcoming technologies. Ripple Labs runs a bitcoin inspired payment network allowing institutions to conduct low cost international money transfer without...

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